Trying to learn A-Groove

I haven’t seen one for a while so I decided to make a new one.

First of all, I’m used to N/C grooves. What characters should I pick up for A-Groove?

Options I see:

Ones I actually played in N/C:

What are some others that are decent/competition level?

Also, what are all the things I should focus on, and what order?

Meter building, setups, CCs, and what else? I assume CCs > Setups > Meter building. What setup types should I begin with?

Thanks for whatever information I can get. Hoping to go up to Chicago and test some new shit out.

I’m learning A-Groove too!!! Let’s make a club!!!
settles down
So far I’ve just been focusing on execution of the CC’s, and for the characters I didn’t play before I’m also exploring their normals, combos and strats.

It’s hard to tell anyone how they should learn something or what characters they should pick, it’s up to you and I think it’s best if you just explore the stuff yourself by playing your friends and watching vids.

That being said, I think after learning the CC’s for your character and assuming you know the character’s normal playstyle allready, the next best thing to learn (IMO) is to find ways to land the CC for each character besides comboing into it and punishing big misses.

  1. tick->throw a lot during the match, then walk up activate
  2. jump activate against ppl that consistently and predictably AA you every time you jump.
  3. purposefully whiff a relatively fast move -> activate
  4. Guard/Tripguard breaking combos against jumping C-groovers
  5. The allmighty roll->activate

*Originally posted by Juggy *
What characters should I pick up for A-Groove?
Options I see:
What are some others that are decent/competition level?


**Hibiki:**Multiple setups, reset options, activate off of command grab, activate off of RH throw from midscreen.

**Cammy:**It’s your basic Cammy but with CC setups. St. RH, fierce, etc.

**Akuma:**Probably the hardest CC to do in the game. Too many setups. Just go to the link to the guide I wrote in my sig. There might be some mistakes in the general strategy section, but I know the setups I have work.

**Vega:**Good for battery, thats about it.

**Sagat:**Good for battery. You can use supers once in a while. Activate off of fierce Tiger Uppercut from at least midscreen to the corner.

**Ken:**Easiest cc to do in the game. Multiple setups. Other than that its your basic Ken without a lvl 2.

**Eagle:**Damaging cc. Activate off of cr. jab x2. Multiple setups. Good keep away. Good battery character.

**Iori:**Multiple setups. Good AA setup. Not as good as N or C Iori, but still good enough.

**Blanka:**Activate off of RC Electricity. Uhh…it’s Blanka. :stuck_out_tongue:

I should stop before I give reasons for every character.

You should on learning how the character works in A.

  1. Managing meter differently
  2. How to move around with the different things that are in A compared to C or N(Limited supers).

Then you should learn the CC.
Then come up with setups.

Easy set up’s with Sakura: (works REALLY well against K and P groove)

Roll XX Activate

Dive kick (blocked) XX Activate

Cross up (hit) S.jab C.short XX Activate (a lil harder to do…but well worth it :D)

Iori is good for learning A-Groove. He can do just about anything that anyone else can do regarding setups, with some imagination. Has solid anti-air, trip guard, guard crush, resets, unblockable, and can get fancy if you want.

At first, don’t worry about getting the most damage out of your custom combos. Its not worth risking messing up for 500 extra damage.

N Iori >>> A Iori. Man just use Sakura Bison or Blanka. 2 of those with Sak, and you’ll be fine. Those 3 characters are the only reason A Groove is good anyway. Hibiki is good too.

hell yea, everyone trying to learn A-groove :stuck_out_tongue: hey Zenfire, I’d love to play you once again, we should hit up sometime again, I got the whole vacation =D lets do an A-groove showdown :stuck_out_tongue: I played with Shun today with some A-groove matches aswell =) still rocking the DC :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, yea, choose one of those three epsilon said, youre gonna use AT LEAST one of those anyway… Unless you call yourself Ken and you can RC everything flawless X_x

Anyway, first learn to play without CC, you need to know the ins and outs and how to get by when you dont have meter.

IMO, CC helps you damage the opponent, not win, noone cares if a CC is blocked, because you dont actually need it… If someone misses a lvl3 with P-groove everyone be like: WTF stupidddd

So in short: CC helps, you should know how to survive in A-groove without meter, and you should know the CC like its your second nature

and oh: if you think you can do the shoshosho and you suddenly have to play as player 2, kiss your ass goodbye, coz standing on the left and on the right MAKES the difference :stuck_out_tongue: I can remember I posted like 2 months ago for tips on how to do it when youre player2… and dammit, still havent got it :stuck_out_tongue: Thats why my friend always tries to keep me on the right side, hes such a bitch :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’m going to go with Akuma/Bison/Sakura… who should I put as R2? I am better with Akuma, but it looks like a waste… so I assume Bison. Is Akuma really THAT hard to use well in A? By that I mean his CCs and setups, of course. I’d prefer him over anyone, but I’d drop him for someone else besides Blanka.

Going to start practicing this week. :frowning:

Bison R2. A Akuma, Sak, Bison r2 isn’t bad at all. Personally I don’t think A Akuma is that hard.

akuma is hard to learn, yes, but it’s relatively easy once u’re used to it.
imo akuma’s CC is easier to pull off smoothly compared to bison even if u’ve experience with both. afterall, the former IS a lot slower in motion.

Akuma’s not that hard, but hard enough because he takes massive damage easily so you have to be careful with how you play him.

The CC is hard to learn at first, just takes alot of practice. Setups are fairly basic. Once you can execute it 98-100 percent of the time it becomes second nature.

eh, whatever, you get the idea.

I’m trying to learn some CC’s, and apart form a few basic Ken and Iori (w some variations), and the easiest Hibiki CC’s, I can’t really do many of them. Especially CC’s that involve dp motions. I’m working on Bison and I know I’m really far from the Iori guardbreak/Ken dp, lk, dp, roll one.
My question is, apart from a lot of practice, do I need to be able to perform the motions really fast? I mean…I read on these boards that people can do like…2 frame super links and stuff. I can maybe get a 9 frame super link, I guess I don’t do motions that fast at all. Do I need to work on making the motions faster?

this will answer 99% of your questions, plus it’s the most well done guide i’ve ever seen…

and after you learn what the best CC’s are, PRACTICE.

Thanks, I’ve felt so lost since Gunter_KP decided to take down his A-groove site. Well, it was good while it lasted :slight_smile:

Back to scrubbing around for me:lol: