Trying to learn but I can't win

Hey guys, I’m new to fighting games and got my hands on SF3:3rd Strike last year for the Dreamcast and recently just upgraded to SSF4:AE for PS3 so that I could play online. I was the best of my friends while we were playing together offline, but now that I’m playing online I can barely ever get a win. I’ve only played around 30 matches so far, but I’ve lost all of them but three. I know the points are arbitrary, but I feel like the matchmaking system is broken when I go into a* ranked* match against someone with 6000+PP and 12,000+BP while I have 60 and 0 respectively. Most of the time I’m unable to get more than one or two hits in before I totally lose control.
I’ve always heard people say that the best way to get better is to play people who are better than you, but everyone I play is too much better than me for me to learn anything. If anyone wants to play a few rounds with me to help me out my PSN ID is matticusf

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