Trying to learn KI


Long time lurker here. Evo has motivated me to try and improve my skills so now I am hoping to quit being a lurker and actually contribute to this community.

I am currently trying to improve my Sadira, Rash, and Maya. If anyone would like to spar some time please add me. My gamertag is Usedtobezylem. Any tips you can give while sparring would be very helpful.

I will try and update this thread as u figure new things out.



Just need to learn the combo mechanics and your set


Normal mp > special hit a normal do a special hit a normal end with a hard punch hard kick special move

Add me dism3mberment i play maya


Thanks for the info. I’ll add you tonight when I get home. I am getting to combos down but the difficult part is learning what moves are safe openers and how to read my opponents so I can combo break them.

Still having a lot of fun with the game and its gotten me to dust off some of my older fighters. Hell I may even take the plunge and buy SFV.


Sooo I was practicing some the other day and could not get a certain combo mixup to land. Then I realized combo assist was enabled. Does this option get enabled every time I start up the game?

Once I disabled combo assist I was able to pull off the combos I wanted.


Yea I’m no pro, but combo assist is not good to me!


I would leave combo assist alone. I find that it’s great for having friends over to play who don’t know (and really aren’t going to learn) how to play, but if you want to get serious you need to learn how to do each combo yourself.