Trying to make a wireless xbox 360 joystick. Need some suggestions and help

Hello fellow gamers. I’m on a new project, trying to think up my next joystick. I’ve already made one wired joystick from a Madcatz Fightpad and been thinking of making my next joystick wireless. The only problem is that it seems like doing a wireless padhack is a pain from the look of it. Is having a wireless Joystick any better than having a wired joystick? Is there a better pad to used for a wireless padhack? I’m looking to have all the buttons you can use on the Madcatz Fightpad. I can easily do a padhack from a wired Madcatz Fightpad since all the buttons are common ground. Though I’m looking over the forums on how to do the wireless hack. I seen one member hack with the battery pack still attached. I would like to do something like that. So I’m up for suggestions. I already have my pushbuttons,joystick,wires etc. It’s just finding the right PCB to use. Thanks.


If you padhack a MS wireless controller you’ll need to get the late version model as thats the common ground one and will make things a bit easier. Its possible to use the non-common ground version, but wiring up the dpad to a jlf will require extra work (either hacking at the jlf’s microswitch board or extra circuitry done to the 360 controller).

You’ll need to scrape away some of the black stuff that covers the contact pads.

You’ll want to put hot glue over dpad contacts after you solder to them because they are very small contact pads and will break off easily will little force.

It will require a trigger hack to be done if you want to use the triggers, otherwise go with a 6 button layout and use the LB/RB instead.

Or you could use the PCB out of the Tekken 6 wireless 360 stick. Its common ground and doesn’t require any trigger hacks. I’ve seen the T6 bundle sell for $50 new at my local Play n Trade.

I had thought about trying this. But I want to be able to have my stick dual modded and wouldnt know how to go about it doing it that way.

Trying to do as little soldering myself as possible. (Pretty bad at it)

Yeah that’s what I’m trying to do also. Not good at soldering myself. :wink:

Great ideal with using the Tekken 6 wireless PCB. Though I’ve seen that joystick and it just takes batteries. I wish it was a way to wire a chargeable battery pack to it.

Just use 2 AA rechargeable batteries?

Gummowned = problem solver

I made two wireless 360/PC fight sticks using the Tekken 6 PCB.

I made a hole and used a Sanwa button plug to check the wireless sync’ indicator in case I have problems otherwise works great for 360 and on my HTPC running MAME in the living room.

Sent you a message about this Tekken PCB. =)

like this one here ??

It’s got the “Compatible with Windows 7” thing. And on the back of the package it says made in 2009, or something like that…

so it has to be the late version right??

I’ll check the PCB tommorow.

Btw are there any threads/tutorials that discuss building sticks using the MS Wireless pads, that I should check out?

coz this is my first time making a custom stick using one, plus I still don’t know what I have to do with the guide button and especially the sync button.

If it was made in 2009 it should be good.

You can look at one of the dual wireless guides I made. It has some parts about the MS wireless pads that might help you out.

Just make a guide and sync button like you would for the other buttons.