Trying to make the fan-made training mode a bit better

Hi all! I’m trying to get decent on third strike so i tried many training modes out there, and the lua script (the fba one) seems the best for me (im not counting OE and 30th). There are issues with it though: time, health and stun. The time isnt infinite and you can recover only the enemy’s health and its stun meter, so i made it a little better, by making the time infinite and, by double tapping start, you can recover both players’ health! I’m still not entirely satisfied 'cause the first player’s stun meter still doesnt reset and I can’t find the damned static address anywhere! Can you guys help me with this? i’d really appreciate it, i’ll link my ver. of the training mode here!oZlHAK7T!Qhtm3ibCeU5wyutDPdU5y4qm6ykfx1PFPfNVOO7lk40