Trying to make the sides of my round 1 TE stick black


So I love my original round 1 SF4 TE stick, but I want the sides to be black like the sides of the round 2 TE stick.

I believe people have done this before, as I’ve seen some sticks with black sides before the round 2 stick was even out. However, I’ve looked through the FAQ and tons of old threads but can’t find any info on how to do this. Has anyone here done it? What kind of paint should I use and how should I go about doing it? It would be cool if I could just buy a pair of black sides and swap out my white ones, but I don’t think those are available to buy. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks for any replies, I really want to get rid of these white side pieces!


this thread should help alot just take a look through it


Quick question for anyone that’s done this to their round 1 TE (actual vinyl dye, not Krylon Fusion):

Do the sides retain the same slick glossy appearance? I’ve vinyl dyed several things, but they were all matte plastic, like the main black enclosure of the TE.