Trying to maximize my game with the best assists for spencer



I started playing spencer about a month ago, and I want to create a stronger team. My current team is spencer/doom/ akuma with missles and tatsu assists. I don’t really like using akuma as my anchor,and I don’t feel like doom gets much use out of the tatsu assist. I’m thinking of changing akuma with strider or vergil. does anyone know if spencer can use strider assist as a combo starter?


If you feel like giving especially few cares, then you could run ammy anchor. Doom ammy is, ahaha, pretty good, and Cold Star Assist is pretty great for Spencer.


I think akuma is one of spencers best assist for the fact that it lets u set up some good mix ups from it…it doesnt really do much for combo extending to my knowledge but I havent explored it but it lets u setup his command grab which could lead to great damage… Plus akumas crossover b assist come in handy in some bad situations… I honest think his command is underused for the fact that if u land it u get to call both of your assist again and stack uvg’s until they are dead…

Sentinel is also good for both getting in and stacking uvg’s

Ammy too though cold star isnt immune to hsd like sentinels a or dooms b assist