Trying to mod my HRAP3 (White), need opinions

Hello, finally got my HRAP3, and trying to figure out what to order from

I plan on not changing the panel, but instead changing out the buttons. Kind of contemplating what color buttons to put in there but I’ve got ZERO creativity. >_<

Can anyone suggest a good color mod? I was planning on using clear Seimitsu screw-ins, Clear Red for the first 3 top face buttons, Clear Yellow for the first 3 bottom face buttons, Clear (White) for select and start, and a clear red joystick ball. Still thinking what to use for the last two face buttons but just might go plain black.

Can anyone please help me out on a good color scheme? (The white plastic on the HRAP3 makes it difficult to mix and match -_-, should’ve gone black instead)


Dude, it’s your stick. Make the choice for yourself.

You got the amazon edition right? I went with a green ball top, light blue buttons (all 8), and yellow start/select. Looks like a Japanese arcade panel :slight_smile:

Hey there, thanks you two for the replies.

Yeah I know sticks are supposed to have that “personal touch”…unfortunately I don’t trust myself enough to make it look pretty. I swear, I’ll just ruin it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey thor777, that sounded pretty sweet! Kinda like a retro feel to it. :stuck_out_tongue: You wouldn’t mind posting pics (only if you have, don’t trouble yourself if you still have to bust out your cam) do you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah its kinda hard to pick for you…what are you favorite colors? lol

I personally like the white balltop/button scheme…thats what I’m going to mod my standard HRAP3 to look like

For my HRAP3 I just went with some sanwas (grey button, black bezel) for the 6 buttons, used black fillers for the triggers, and black seimitsus for the start/select, and a grey ball top. matches perfectly with the fake carbon fiber. I love it.

Since you have the white, maybe keep the white theme (just replace the buttons for sanwas) and get a white overlay with some cool graphic?

Go for rainbow


Do it man… that’d be badass

Here are my 2 babies :lovin: (click for larger pic)

the black one i replaced the red balltop/buttons with clear orange ones. Forgot to order the 24mm so I just left them yellow :rolleyes: I also added PS2 support
(read: installed a PS1 pcb) for the black one and am going to add Wii/GC support for the white one later on. I’m thinking to change the carbon fiber background as well. Looks really fake and cheapens the stick i think. :arazz:

If you like my setup for the white one you can also add in some pink, maybe for one of the rows of the main buttons, to make it look more like astro city panels.

maybe better lookin carbon fiber look, but $15 is kinda steep for a big sticker

Got a quick question. What stick does a hrap3 take ? I know it has a Sanwa, but do I need to get a mountingplate in the future when I need to replace the stick ?

I ask cuz i don’t see the mounting plate attached to the top metal panel. Also is replacing it hard ? or just simple screwing and no soldering.




sorry for my noobness.

WHOA. Cool pics, awesome mod on your white HRAP3 man!

To everyone who replied, I thank you all again, I decided to go with something a little more…striking, kinda like the SFIV logo color scheme.

I have ordered 3 Vermillion (top main), 3 Yellow (bottom main), 2 Black (rightmost top/bottom main) 30 mm Sanwas for the main panel buttons.

2 24 mm White buttons (select/start) and a Vermillion ball top.

Why Vermillion? :stuck_out_tongue: Coz I can’t decide if the SF IV logo is red/yellow or Vermillion/Yellow. XD Looks orangey to me so I picked Vermillion.

Let’s hope it comes out great…or should I just change Vermillion to Red?

Thanks again, awesome people here!

By the way, sorry for the double post, but why couldn’t I find a LB-39 clear red balltop? I only see orange…was there originally any clear bubble balltops sold?

If only there was I’d go clear red balltop/buttons when I first ordered–not that it matters anymore, this is just for my information.

I’m thrilled about your mod can you maybe make a little tutorial on how to add PS2 and GC support on the HRAP3 ? I just got a hold on one and I want to take it to the next level, specially in SF3third strike on PS2 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom on Wii.
Thank you so much if you can pull this tutorial off.