Trying to mod ps2 hori SCII stick

i just got one, and the i don’t like the stick very much, and the buttons to me feel worse than the newer hori buttons.

i’d like to know if a seimitsu ls-32 would fit inside without having to do something to the bottom case, or whether i should put in a sanwa JLF. I’ve never played on a authentic japanese stick. Also what size buttons I need. They look kinda small.

i tried searching google, but all of the pages are talking about the new SCIV sticks, and if i find a page, it’s reviews about when they first got it back in like '02 or something. and when i search on these forums, it brings up a white page with “done” in the progress bar.

The Seimitsu LS-33 is probably the best fit.

LS32 will fit as well. at least it did on the SC hori clone that i modded.

I’ve got an LS-32 in mine.

Here’s the old thread.