Trying to pick up rogue?

hi , i’ve been thinking of picking up rogue cuz she’s intresting and cool to play with but i know absolutly nuthing of her so strats ? b&b’s with or with out assist? , random stuff? i plan to use her with cyke cuz he’s the best are they a good duo? also heard rogue/tron= rape :lol: this shit true?

anyways thanx in advance for helping me out:D :slight_smile:

thanx lot’s info for team selection plus combos with assist
but… i was kinda looking forward to her basic on point strats you see most of the char forums have a huge thread with info of the command list, glitches, basic combos normal move list descriptions but i cheked on the beggining and there was no such rogue thread if any one could provide me with such info by all means please post :slight_smile:
thanx in advance