Trying to re-install my OS

My PC crashed and I had to re-install the OS. I deleted the previous partition and created a new one. Now when I go and turn on my PC it won’t start up normally. I’ve tried to repair it using the Windows XP CD and several other stuff that can be done through the CD (including re-installing the OS), but nothing has worked. Anyone have any advice on what I should do or what might be the possible problem?

  1. Insert the Windows XP CD into the disk tray.

  2. As your PC is booting, there will be a message that says “Press blah blah to boot from blah blah” (You want to press whatever key it is to boot from your disc/optical drive … It will ask you if you want to install XP on a new partition)

  3. You need to delete all your previous partitions (This will make you lose all previous information, and merge all your partitions into one huge unallocated partition)

  4. Now you want to format that huge unallocated partition. (Pick quick format, regular one takes time)

  5. Should be a cake walk from there. If you have trouble you can always refer to Google for help.