Trying to Repair Broken Hori Fighting Stick 3


Yesterday I accidentally dropped a book onto the HFS3, and it immediately stopped working/ responding. Weirdly, there’s no physical damage whatsoever, and when I removed the bottom to look inside, it seemed like the only damage were two globs of plastic that had been knocked off of something. Also, there didn’t appear to be anything wrong with the, I want to call it a motherboard, although of course I can only see it from the bottom. Oddly, nothing on the HFS3 works, even the joystick. It is totally unresponsive. And it wasn’t even that big a book: The Bible. I mean come on, right? Do you think it’s a sign? Anyway, any suggestions about how to fix it, assuming it’s fixable and I can do it myself, since I don’t want to replace it, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


pics would help A LOT, going by description is pretty hard to diagnose something here

try pluggin it into your comp, go into control panel and see if anything works there, i guess?


The connector cable might be loose.
Most of the time it is held in place with hot glue to the Printed Circuit Board.
Even though without hot glue globs it is mostly sturdy.


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the metal bottom plate once grounded itself to my pcb(motherboard) many of the inputs stopped working even though there was physical signs of damage. Simple test w/ a multimeter proved the pcb was busted.


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i think God forbid you to play SF4 anymore