Trying to start a Fighting game tournament in Raleigh, NC

I want to start a regular tournament here, but before I pour the time and money into it, I want to know how many people could attend. Is there a place I can ask that? post it here and I might be able to go if my money is right and all that crap

are you talking weeklies or bi-weeklies?

depends on when in the week and what my schedule is like when I get a job, but I would try really hard to make it out consistently

I’m a sophomore at NC State and play UMvC on the 360. I would love if someone started a regular tournament around here. I have at least two friends who would join me consistently.

You need to post in the NC thread
We have alot of players and alot of tournaments so I would start there. I wish you and anyone else the best of luck man.