Trying to start a scene in Shreveport/Bossier LA

Ok, this area is dead as far as I know, but, we have 2 new arcades opening, one shows real promise if it gets in a couple more fighters (Louisiana Boardwalk IslandFun). This city is so huge, that there has to be at least a handful of casual players, but I have no idea of a way to rangle them together.

I figure it’s worth a try, I’ve met a couple of people that either played Tekken Tag or something that seemed like they really would like to get better, but they always ran off before I could get a name, and I feel a little weird asking for info/asking them to take mine. I figure if I can get maybe 2 more people and bring my rig to a net cafe/introduce them to, that maybe I can start a little scene here.

The city has many college’s, LSUS/Southern/Centenary/Bibsy and Ruston is 40 mintues away (LA TECH/Grambling), someone said I should try and start there, but I’m not in college, how would you go about searching thru a campus? Flyers? No college’s have local internet boards that I know of.

All and all, I feel that trying to get a small scene going isn’t all that hard, and worth a shot in a city thats really big. I myself had no idea of when I got into Marvel in Monroe where there was a pretty big scene. I doubt they did either.

Your thoughts? Ideas?

EDIT: I also would have everything needed for gaming, (minus 1 dreamcast converter for PS controls)

find some friends and teach them to play

Screw you, it isn’t easy.

I’ve recently had to teach someone the idea of blocking high and low, and how to execute simple combos. He was too used to Smash Bros and Naruto, which he’s pretty good at.

Teaching’s fucking hard.

it was a joke
and i just said it was simple…not easy

I suggest you go to the arcades and scout potential players. Tell em about SRK and start from there.

If you’re REALLY desperate, anime conventions sometimes hold GGXX tournamets. You could try to convert some #R players to 3s. I don’t know if your area has anime conventions but whatever.

Teachings hard heh…tell me about it…its what I do for a living…as a high school teacher…

Yeah Nay, I’ve tried looking around for them, but that was a while ago. There are no machines in the city yet (until that new arcade on the boardwalk gets more cabinets), just a few SC2 and Tekken machines.

I would be more then willing to teach, but it’s not that easy. Most people don’t want to learn a 2-D fighter, they want to get on lag fighter and play Halo/WoW/FPS’s. They don’t have the will to learn. If I found people that did, I would be more then happy to point them to (tell them to read and not start posting like a bunch of dumbasses) and point them to preppys site for inspiration.

I was thinking of trying to find a netcafe or somewhere here where I could rent a TV and bring maybe one other SF’er from somewhere if I could get maybe 4 or 5 guys that would come to check it out, and post some flyers about it.

Teaching people that WANT to learn is easy. But I haven’t found any of those people yet. just informed me that Shreveport is 3rd largest city in Louisiana, was 2nd in touirism last year for the state, and Shreveport/Bossier is even bigger. So I have some hope for this area, it just might take some time, but I’ve got that. I just have to get everyone who WOULD be interesting in learning/already plays (if there are any that already play) attention. Thats going to be the hard part. Most people that I’ve tried to teach (even SF basics) got bored and said “Whatever lets play”, I told them that if they didn’t want to learn, then I wasen’t holding back. They left. That attitude makes me sick, and it might have been just the few that I’ve tried (VERY NICELY I MIGHT ADD) to teach.

I’m still very hopeful for this area. Anymore ideas/posts whatever they may be would be very welcome.

i think your idea of gettin some good comp for people to watch would work
see to stir up interest people want to be impressed
they wanna see some genei-jin combos or magneto tearing shit up on mvc2
i doubt many non 2-D’ers would really be impressed by a chun vs chun match
so if you got like 2 or 3 people who could play some matches and get some interest stirred then that might help
the reason i put halo down was from watching a tourny at vs in br and seeing urien going on a rampage
and also it woud be good to get like 3 or 4 people to learn so they have competition at near the same level to make it more enjoyable than getting double perfected every round for 3 weeks

Yeah thats the idea Koopa, get them psyced and then they can play each other, while I’m not the greatest, I can still teach to the point of them just learning shiz on their own. I think Marvel/3S would catch eyes, like you said, to stir up interest. I’ll probably be trying to organize something when I get some free time soon. Good feedback guys, keep it coming if some good ideas come to mind.

yo can try to build it up, like for teens who like fighting game’s, try to show them the Coolness that is marvel, also if there any Video Games Stores buid it up, fliers HELP!, if they are interested then yeah teachin would be hard, but wont it be worth it?, if you teach two, then they will teach their friends and so on. go to all the colleges,malls and shit.

idk parry…its hard i guess, ive tried a coupe times with monetary success, only to lose intrest later. im not sure what to tell you, if you have an arcade with a 2d game though, people will eventually come, just beat their ass hard enough it gets them interested or makes them not wanna play anymore, itll kinda seperate the wheat from the chaff.

I just found a big online forum thread about DDR here in Shreveport/Bossier, evidently, the scene for it is pretty big here, I might post in it and try to get my name out at least.

And Eps is right, taking it easy is a horrible thing to do, either they will want to learn or they will quit.

I just know theres a scene here.

I don’t know man, sandbagging does help most rookies. I personally can’t stand sandbagging in any form, but I’m not even that good at marvel and I’ve turned several ppl away because they couldn’t beat me. You have to give ppl some incintive, not everyone has the resolve to get better, they just don’t care unless they win.

Well, if they want to learn, after I find out if they WANT to learn, I’ll go easy on them so they can learn/try their stuff, sure. But I won’t sandbag a crap talking creep that thinks he’s good enough.

true that

Just promise them liquor and pot. :smiley:

Man Parry, I really wanna help you with this, as I know what you are going through. I live in Biloxi, Ms during the week, but come home to New Orleans every other weekend. The other weekends, I travel up to Meridan, Ms to visit with family and see this chick I know. The arcade in Biloxi only has Marvel, but it had T5 before the storm. Now it just has Tekken Tag and Marvel. But up in Meridan they have T5.1 AND Anniversary Edition, which is just sweet.

Neither city has any college campus, so I have no way to find other players, except to show up and hope to find some. Some people are into T5 here in Biloxi and up in Meridan, but no-one even touches the AE machine :sad: .

Anyway, onto your problem. Try visiting the bigger schools, and see if you can find out if they have a newsletter/newspaper. If they do, see if you can write a article stating yout intentions. But don’t center it on fighting games, even though that’s what you want to play. Just try to find some people that like video games in general, then get them into playing 3s or whatever your intrested in.

The only people that are going to want to learn are the people that like competition. And even then, only if they are intrested in that game. That’s what got me into it, anyway. I just walked into an arcade one day and saw a bunch of ppl playing Marvel, and started playing. I got whipped, but liked the fact that eventually I got better. So I started playing more and more. Then ppl started playing CvS2 and 3s. I didn’t really like the games THAT much, but I liked the competition. Then once I started getting better and could compete more, the games started growing on me. Now I’m dedicated to fighters, I’ll play anything as long as there is comp. for the game. That’s the type of players you need to find.

Don’t know how much I helped, just keep trying though. I’m sure eventually you will find some players. Good luck!

Yeah, my idea is that if the region is big enough, trying to start a scene isn’t that big of a long shot, and for anyone who has even been to Shreveport/Bossier in the last couple of months can tell you, it’s a pretty big city. I at least have local colleges to go off of, I feel your pain, but we don’t even have a mvc2/3s/cvs2 machine here! Not yet anyway. And your right, the only ones that will stick with it are the ones that love competition. I saw a bunch of guys playing MVC2, played, got my ass kicked, never looked back. But I did get my ass kicked 23 times before I even got a win on a low tier scrub. Thanks for the ideas, and good luck with your scene starting! If you/me get any more good ideas you/me can share them, good luck.

For sures, till then I’ll be happy I can play ST and A3 on arcade…

Ok, I think I have an idea. It’s a different one, but whatever works.

I’m thinking of finding a place that draws young people (arcade/somewhere on a college campus/netcafe) and setting up 2 sticks, marvel (it catches the most eyes) and playing by myself with a shirt that says “Play me”.

I’m going to make “beginner” type FAQ’s with a list of teams/tiers and why/how. Only listing the neat stuff. I can teach them simple Magic series/air combos/combos into supers in no time (if they don’t know). I will put my contact info on the sheets as well as SRK.COM (I think getting them on SRK.COM is the main thing, that will give them contstant SF hype). I can teach them any team (basics), and so can SRK.COM/Videos.

What do you guys think?