Trying to stay close to your opponent is generally a bad strategy-base, right?

I’ve recently gotten into Marvel, and have taken to a team of:


My strategy is to always be right on top of the other player, and brutalize them like they were Orlando Bloom in an ultramax prison-shower. Something I’ve noticed about Marvel, though, is that the top tier is that they tend to flood the screen and play in the sky. My guys poke and’re acrophobic. (If you’re not hip to backwards figurative speach: “they only have a close-range ground-game.”) Am I really all that hindered? I’d just try to rush with Mags and them, anyway, if I used them–that’s how I play every fighter, period.

I’ll just stick too casual if I really have no options, as VHG; and I won’t knock Marvel for being “broken” or “cheap.” I’m just wondering what I can reasonably do.

I have V’ press against the other player, and open with a c.HK into a LP Venom Fang, call Hulk to keep them busy, then jump over to do either a s.HP or s.HK. I haven’t tried using s.HP to open, because I just thought of doing that (curse my improvisational mind!): I don’t know what that can lead to, though.

My attention-span is failing, so I’ll add to this post if people start caring.

Range depends on which character/team you’re using and on your play-style. If you’re using Magneto you’ll probably want to stay on top of your opponent and rush him down like hell. If you’re using Cable you’ll probably want to keep the opponent away and punish any mistakes w/ AHVB. There’s no right or wrong strategy. If it works and if it helps you win, by all means use it.

Useful links:

I would give a little friendly advice on Hulk…

…but my attention span failed. Sorry, d00d.

I walked right into that :slight_smile: Thanks for the articles, FS’. I’m going to think of what to do with my article, and post it in the next few days (hey, I want it to ge good).

I unfortunately am extremely scrubby.
Though I used to use Venom casually…I don’t know, found it useful to keep from super jumping and calling in assists. I never really felt like there was a lot of depth to him. But, then again, I am rather scrubby so I’m probably wrong there.
He can do the a little bit of keep-away if he has to, I suppose. With his qcf+fk and qcf+k, and then using qcf+p if they jump in, the keep away isn’t exactly solid, but it’s something.

Other than that, I have absolutely no idea.

I never thought of Venom as a keep away-character, before. I think there’s some potential, there, if AAA-Doom is involved. The only problem is that beam-users can badly punish Venom, if V’ isn’t careful: just another reason to pay attention, I suppose.

Yeah, that was my general problem and ultimately why I switched him out for a different character.

Like I said though, it’s an option but risky and requires a little more concentration than I have :sweat: