Trying to swap P360 stick for Comp stick

Hey guys, I’ve never done this before and looking for a lot of help. If some of you could answer my questions, I’d really appreciate it. I’m stuck until I figure this out…

Basically here are the insides of my p360 stick. I bought a comp stick and want to get rid of the 360 and just install the comp stick with the same 360 box.

I tried to label everything the best I could. You can click on the image so you can see how I labelled it.

Hopefully my questions aren’t too stupid. I’m trying to learn this own my own so I can fix it… I try to read the threads on here to learn. Its tough tho cause I’ve never done it before.

1). A B C D will be needed to be cut so I can get the joystick out and to be hooked up to the comp stick. Where the red lines are was where
I was going to cut them. Is this going to be a problem? 2nd question, how would you cut A B C D off… Wire cutters… scizzors? Or would you remove the solder somehow so you have more wire? I don’t have very much wire to work with it looks like when hooking it up to the comp stick… If A-D won’t reach to the comp’s microswitches, can i just attach more wire?

2). E and F are the ground and 5 V so this shouldn’t be needed at all for the comp stick with my existing setup and I can just cut those with scizzors or wire cutters? Again, I’m going to be cutting close to the red lines… Is that cool or is there a better place to cut?

3). G & H are connected to the L1 & L2 (I & J) buttons on the stick. This mas you can see came with 8 buttons and I don’t need 8. I’ve bought hole plugs to cover these. Cutting G & H where the red is close to the pcb won’t be a problem, will it?

4). I don’t even know wtf K is???. Is it the ground wire? I’m gonna need some more to connect up to the comp stick’s microswitches right?? Where do you connect the 2 different ground wires together (on a microswitch or you just solder them together?)

5). L is for digital to analog? I never really used it for the p360 I don’t think… Does the comp stick need it? Should I leave it or not? If I cut L off, do I risk the stick not functioning or something bad happening?

6). M…So If I need to add M on to the stick (I’m assuming I do because my other comp stick has this)… how do you bend the wire as it goes around each microswitch? Does it just bend or do you have to heat it?

7). What else am I forgetting? I don’t want to fuck up my stick…

Wow if I got these answered I think I could do this. Thank you.

  1. Cutting there is fine. Wire cutters is the best tool to, umm, cut wire with. You do want as much wire left as possible, but you’re probably going to have to solder a length of wire onto each of those ABCD wires in order to reach.
    2)F, the red wire, is not needed, and can be removed completely. The black ground wire you WILL need. In fact, you’ll have to extend it to reach each of the four microswitches on the competition stick. Where you marked the F wire to cut is fine. Be carefull and make sure it CANNOT touch anything else. You want that sucker GONE. Random touch to places on the board could fry stuff if its powered.
  2. Nope, not a problem at all.
    4)K is the ground wire. You can connect more wire to it anywhere you like; on the tab of a microswitch, or just to the middle or end of an existing ground wire.
    5)The Analog switch works the same no matter that stick you use. Most people cut it because they never use, and want to never accidently start, analog mode. Cut or leave however you like.
  3. See question 1 and 2. That M you’re talking about is the same as the K wire, just ground wire that does have to go to each switch.
  4. sounds like you got it.

Wow thanks a lot Toodles! You answered all my questions. I just had 1 question about something you said and then one other question if you don’t mind about wire.

btw- we’ve played before on GGPO :slight_smile: lol.

Its about your reply to my 2nd question. See, on my other mas stick which is a comp stick, there is no black ground wire (e). I’ve attached a picture of that stick.

So I don’t understand why its needed on the labelled diagram?? Like M is going to be connected to each microswitch already (like in the picture below). So I don’t understand why would you would extend E to each microswitch because M would be doing this already.

So now I’m confused. Could E and M somehow connect?

So if I do need E like you suggest, I just cut it right before it connects to the P360?

My other question was about the 2 different types of wire. The wire from the pcb to microswitches and then the metal ground wire. What exactly are both of these called if I go looking to buy them and where do I get them? How much are they exactly?

You made my night! I’m gonna try this now!

Yes, they do. E, K, M, and the black wire going to the P360 in your first picture are all connected.

If that’s easiest, sure.

They’re just wire. Use whatever you have handy or can get cheaply. If you can find it (like at a Fry’s) get 24 guage stranded wire. I think the smallest Radio Shack carries is 22 guage, but anything will work.

are you selling your p360 stick? if you are, i’m interested.

dammit yoon i was just going to ask him this too. lol

I swear I learned everything I know about electronics by reading Toodles’ posts.

Agreed =)

very grateful

I just really wanted to thank Toodles for answering all my questions. I was a complete noob and he saved my ass literally.

I decided if I could research and ask the questions I was unsure about, I would try to fix the arcade stick myself.

Recently I decided to order the parts from lizard lick, and by reading some documentation and some trial and error, I assembled the joystick into one piece. Since I could do that, I figured I may be able to fix the stick If I knew some more.

If I couldn’t, I would of had to go on a 5 hr trip to get the stick fixed which would of cost me $50.00 easy and my entire day. I didn’t think I had the skills to do it. I went out tho tonight, bought the wire, solder gun, solder and wire cutters for $60.00.

My gf tells me she had soldered a few times before (sexy) and after making her practice for like 1 hr with the wire & microswitches, we sat down and did the swap. It was a cool project to work with her on.

We were really wondering if it was even going to work when we plugged it in. Esp because it was our first time. Well, we fired it up, every button worked 100%!

I think I’m going to make my own stick now! (I already have 4 (2 jap, 2 american) but fuck it, would be fun).

I attached the picture of what it looks like now.

Thank you Toodles!