Trying to track down an old fighting game. Please help me SRK


Hey guys,

So, kind of a weird question but I have been looking everywhere and for the life of me I can’t figure out whether this game exists or I am crazy. So I need the SRK fighting game expertise.

I am trying to find the name of an arcade (pseudo) fighting game from the early 90’s, I remember playing it when I was a kid at an arcade in Hershey (the chocolate) Park. I want to say its the sequel to Street Smart but I don’t think there is one. Just like Street Smart you could play as a Japanese karate guy or a Caucasian street fighter/wrestler and you could play 2 players against a single AI opponent if you wanted.

The reason I say it was the sequel to Street Smart was because the play mechanics and characters were very similar, but the sprites were much larger, and more detailed, and you could perform more moves.


lol after reading my post I realize how generic that description seems, like it could be any fighting game in the 90’s. But the game would ONLY let you select those two fighters just like street smart, it wasn’t like you could select from a large roster of fighters or anything.

Also the fighting mechanics were very similar to street smart by having the controls feel very loose, like you were able to start a combo and the sprite would kind of float along with the combo.

Does anyone know if this game exists or am I just imagining things? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




it doesn’t exist !!!


Try here


is it violence fight?


I took a look at violence fight vids. It is close to what I am describing but I don’t think that’s it’ :(.


aggressors of dark kombat?


MAWS is a pretty good site about arcades and the like:

You perhaps can find the game you’re looking for in there.


No, definately wasn’t ADK, I believe it was a stand alone cab as well, so I don’t think it could have been in the neo geo MVS cab.


I think a friend is trying to find the exact same game

I also remember a fighting game where the final boss stage has no walls so you just have to hit the boss a little bit then run for your life until the time is out.