Trying to understand option select

Ive been trying to understand option selects for ibuki for a long time… Or at least just option selects. I always watch videos expectig them to tell me how to do it but it seems like they assume i know just by watching. Thinking i cud find a better explanation for option selects on optionselect and srk i searched but found no explanation. So i just want some help on understanding how to “read” an optoon select.


First, do you understand what is the aim of an option select?

I’ll assume that you don’t here, please don’t sue me if you’re actually already godlike :wink:

Just take the simplest case ever, which works on every character (this one made me understand what option select is).

Tap LK + LP (so basically you're doing a throw here)
What happens? Ibuki just cr.LK.
Because you can't throw when you're crouching, and LK has input priority over LP -> you LK
Now, still crouching, assume your opponent is throwing you, and tap LK + LP.
What happens? You tech'd him, the throw won't happen.
Why? Because him throwing made you stand so entering LK + LP is now understood by the game as a throw.

So this is what you call an option select: something leading to two (or more) different situations according to what happens.

Let’s now take a Ibuki situation:

Do a jump-in MK (or actually whatever normal, if you want HP, do HP...)
Just before tapping MK, do a neckbreaker.
Now watch your opponent:
-If he blocks, focus, or get hit, you'll just MK him
-If he backdashes, you'll neckbreaker as soon as you land.
Why? Because hitting him makes you stop during some frames (ie.hitstop),
which is allowing the game's buffer to "forget" your neckbreaker input.
If it doesn't hit, no stop, no delay, no "game forgetting your neckbreaker"

This is what we call a “Jump MK option select Neckbreaker”

Another easy Ibuki case:

Stay far from your opponent and do cr.MP (so whiff it).
Act like you'd touch him and do a neckbreaker after.
What happens? Ibuki just cr.MP.
Why? Because you didn't hit your opponent, so you can't cancel your normal to a special.
Now assume your opponent is walking towards you and gets hit by the cr.MP.
What happens? You'll cr.MP him AND neckbreaker.
Why? Well... Because you did this :-)

This is what we call “cr.MP option select Neckbreaker”

If you understand these three things… Congrats, you understood option selects! :slight_smile:

As well as that helps, the problem i have is watching a video and then saying “ok, i understand how to do that option select now” without them telling me what command inputs they were doing. And no im completly new to Ibuki and would actually be looking for a training partner soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Add my text message to the video and you should understand =)
Or ask questions about what you didn’t understand yet ^^

whoah that makes so much sense i feel stupid for not understanding it the 1st time. That was a great explanation thank you so much bro. Btw do you have a psn?

You’re welcome =)

Nope, I play on Xbox 360. But you might consider adding your PSN details in the Ibuki Online Directory to join Ibuki players :slight_smile:

oh iite kool :slight_smile: i just needa know one more thing.
If I was to buffer a neckbreaker before a LK but as I land on the ground I LP MP HP chain, and the LK whiffs, will it prioritize the neckbreaker or the LP? And lets also say it was a cross up attack

This is where you get to the option select charm.

As I said, it will neckbreaker if you land on the ground without hitting with the LK (although I’d advise you to avoid j.LK option selects, LK inflicts a ridiculous blockstun, so a mistimed OS may cost you a lot :confused: it’s easier with MK, and even easier with HP), it will neckbreaker. If you hit, as I said the neckbreaker will be “forgotten” by the game, allowing you to continue with your LP MP HP, or whatever you want!
And, if you don’t hit, since normally your OS timing is aimed at doing the neckbreaker at the time you land, even if you push LP, you’d already be in the neckbreaker animation.

However don’t be too optimistic, it’ll take time to master this =)

Practice makes perfect lol. Ok thanks alot bro this helped alot!