Trying to understand the mindset of a turtle player


Ive never found turtling fun to play or even fun to play against. Ive tried to ask my self why would anyone find sitting in the corner doing nothing but turtling fun.


“let me see if his offense is so bad that he’ll defeat himself.”

“I bet my defense is better than his offense.”

“I think I can spur him to action by doing nothing, I bet that annoys him.”



turtle players got bullied when they were younger and also their parents hit/abused/neglected them thats why they turtle. they turtle to get away from the harsh reality of life


obligatory playing to win comment


Being in control while staying safe is satisfying.




u mad


i playing winner :karate:


u sad? I dont dont understand why people think turtling is fun


Turtles have to simultaneously keep you out, predict what you’re going to do next, and work on keeping themselves focused so that they don’t play it “too safe”.

Their anti-airs and counters have to be on point, they have to know their opponent’s options in tense situations, and they have to hold the safest position possible–that’s what true turtling means.


This a million times. If I have the life lead, I have no need to take any risks.


“I don’t want to get hit”

there you go, you can move on now


any of you all ever play punch-out? picture that but apply that theory to every fighting game ever created


Add to this list:

“I really like when people just run directly into my fists.”


I turtle because turtles are the humblest, noblest, and best drinking buddies in the entire class Reptilia. They work hard, they stay out of trouble, and they live a long-ass life for their effort.

When I turtle, I surrender the initiative. You’re free to approach me however you please and my capacity to respond is limited. If you’re killing yourself on the approach because you can’t resist the impulse to press buttons before I do, that’s your problem, not mine.

Every turtle has their threshhold where they flinch, and if you’re losing life because you’re flinching first against a turtle, that doesn’t speak well for your patience in a running battle. Even if the opponent wasn’t turtling, you’d probably lose that like anyway just to counterpokes and punishment in a midscreen footsie war if you’re twitching more than your opponent is. Part of improving as a player is remaining patient when approaching an entrenched player, and being patient enough in the stuff that PRECEDES turtling (midscreen footsies, maneuvering for spacing, the real acid test of reading ability) that you’re not forced to crack a turtle’s shell while down a significant amount of life.

But then again, if I had it my way, I’d just walk up to you and kill you with low short and standing roundhouse. Turtling isn’t the only thing I can do, it’s just another tool in my toolset. If the situation calls for it (I’m up on life, time is low, and you and/or your character have limited capacity to chase and punish me), I’m gonna use it. If you’re in a matchup where your character is vulnerable to turtling, then step up your footsies and learn how to build a big enough life lead that I can’t play that card against you. It’s really not that hard.


See this?:d: All you needed to say Ben.


His looked prettier :frowning:


Sometimes less is moar.


…Fair enough.


At heart I am a turtle and I never seen my love for avoiding chance until I played fighting games. I think it is a taste that either you have or you do not. Watching a brawl or playing as a brawler to not bore the crowd has always given me less satisfaction. Not to say I enjoy how easy SSFIV can be to turtle with. My love for turtling came about in Tekken where turtling takes years to win consistently with.