Trying to undestand gates on a LS-32

I see the 2,4,8 way restrictors on the top (blue one) and i assume the green one underneath is the square gate. Now from what i read there is no octagonal gate or circular gate for this model, is that true? I have also read that some just remove both restrictors for a circular feel. I am a bit confused with the ls-32, what options are available?. Nareg’s site has a circular gate for it, is that an official part? Thanks

good question i have been wondering this myself

if you remove the restrictor you will damage the microswitch over time.

There is a circular gate for the LS-32. Not sure if there is an octagonal gate though.

You can remove the gates but the actuator will be rubbing against metal so I wouldn’t recommend it.

I happen to have a spare LS32 so heres a pic of what i mean.

Thats what i thought, the guys who said remove the restrictor were wrong. I figured if you remove the restrictor the actuator would be riding the micro switches or worse the metal plate. This would either eat up the actuator increasing the throw distance over time or damaging the microswitches or Pcb. Why is there little knowledge about the circular gate for the ls-32? Everybody seems to think one does not exist.

Read here:
Slagcoin has put together a great amount of information in one place.

On a side note - I prefer the LS-40 over the LS-32 as it feels like a better product, has a slightly shorter engage and has shaft protection as well - which keeps the the shaft from “jumping” whilst pivoting sharp, or if you happen to ride the gate. They use the same mounting plates as well - they are more or less the same joystick.

Its all written up in there, with your answers to your questions.

Thanks for the info

There is. It’s for sale on Lizard Lick.

Thanks for the link enser. I’ve only played on JLFs. Gotta get me an LS-40/32 :slight_smile:

It’s pretty easy to make your own circular gate for these, and it won’t damage the actuator. Remove the dark blue restrictor, then remove the gate under it. If you look closely you will see an arched line on each side of the square. Now, very carefully use a dremel tool with a sanding bit to remove the plastic back to the arched line. I don’t recommend turning the dremels speed past half way. Oh, when I say sanding bit I mean the one that the sand paper tubes slide over the rubber grommet. These don’t ‘chew’ and make a smooth cut. I have done this to two of my LS-32’s and it works great.

But yeah, they sell octo and circ gates for these sticks.