Trying to use a PS3 SE on PC

Just like the title says. It shows up a wireless stick and it says “standard enhanced PCI to USB host controller”. Am I SOL in using it if I don’t get one of those intel things from amazon or what? Thanks in advance.

There does not exist Wireless Mad Catz SE though. :sad:

Feh you know what I meant.
“PC USB Wired Stick 8818”

No, I did not know what you meant.

You need USB PCI thing if your Arcade Stick does not register any imputs.
“PC USB Wired Stick 8818” will always be displayed on PC.
It does not mean anything.

Dern… so what you mean is that if I plug it in and I open the configuration, if I press a button and the number does not light up I can’t use it on there?

That is right.
If number does not light red, then your PC does not work with Arcade Stick.