TS5 Footage

For those of you who haven’t noticed, there’s some nice TS5 footage being hosted on SRK. Front page, take mulitmedia link, think it’s the tracker one. It’s mostly CvS2 with a bit of GGXX on the side.

I was wondering if anyone could confirm who the player was beasting in 70% of those pool matches? My guess is Otaku seeing as though it was K-Kyo/Rock/Hibiki, but I was just wondering if anyone knew for sure. Some damn nice beasting in those vids :D.

Seeing as though the dl is rather large, I figure I’d list whats basically on the compilation;

  • Lot’s of (what I believe to be Otaku) ownage. I’d love to see that K-Kyo vs Makoto’s P-Kyo and see who’s head explodes first.
  • Some definate Buktooth ownage. N-Iori beasting on more than his fair share of peeps.
  • I think there’s a match where Buk plays PPB (it’s A-Blanka/Eagle/Bison, so I figure…) woulda been hella closer if Bison didn’t drop his bucket :(.
  • A functioning Nakoruru, as well as a wide variety of teams/grooves used at quite a high standard. Very refreshing.

Yes its Otaku. Also I have, i think, 2 matches of OTK vs makoto. I think they split them, but im not sure. Ill leave my aim later if you want them. Oh btw, that k-nak, is otk also.

I want I want :D. Check you PM’s ;).

Shoulda guessed OTK would be the one bringing out K-LowTier ;).

One of the matches in there is me vs Otaku. But I didn’t do so well. :smiley:

i can’t wait to get these and see how bad buk owned me, lol. you think you made progress when you get past his iori, then his morrigan comes in and hits a DI combo, and it’s GG.

and i remember requesting otaku to play certain characters, particularly nakoruru, akuma, and kim. his akuma is pretty beastly.


He played Kim??? NO WAY!!!

that’s the character i requested the most, he didn’t have anything spectacular, but i could tell he had played w/ kim before. not sure if they’re in the vids or not.

lol, i think everybody can see for themselves how much morrigan sucks in these vids

Lol it didn’t LOOK like Morrigan sucked to badly. Just after seeing Iori it’s a bit of a letdown heh :P.

And yeh that K Amkuma was pretty dope. He seems to know every single gimmick for each one of those chars. I mean that K-Nak Super/Reversal/whatever-that-was-out-of-the-corner was pretty nuts.

Also is it just me or are you guys missing ‘part 1’? Apparently it’s jsut random hotel footage but just wondering…

I just got my copy of the Texas DVD.

Although you didn’t win, I enjoyed watching your match versus BAS. Uppercut the SHIT out of those Honda fat kicks. I love it! Kick him in the face or sweep out his legs every time he whiffs those masher RCs like they’re Godly or something was good stuff as well. The second match where you whiffed the Maki slide over Sakura in the corner, that was definitely a crazy air 720 setup if I’ve ever seen one. I can’t tell what you were going for (looks like you anticipated the jump and jumped with him), but I know for sure BAS was holding up on the stick as he was getting up. It would of been way too good had you pulled off the grab.

Anyway, this was a fun match to watch and I can’t wait to check out the rest of this DVD. My thanks to all the TS5 participants for the great matches. :tup:

grrrr. i want my dvds!

popoblo vids was the greatest shit i ever seen LMFAO

the ones where champbell owned me or other ones? what was so funny about them? i still haven’t been able to DL the casual ones off of bit torrent so i don’t really know which ones you’re referring to…

the worst part about playing maki is when you actually guess an AIR720 super CORRECTLY, but fail to execute. worst shit ever! sakura beat me up too.

Fucking Keith…always “failing to execute…”

…they have drugs for that shit, you know.


all of them was funny , seems like u just do rc for the hell of it. wake up rc , rc ball from full screen. the games with buk was great it looks like the counter hit sign was stuck on the screen the whole match. But wat do i no u made top 16 and im just a scrub

yea, i did abuse RC entirely too much. buk taught me to stop that shit, so i have abandoned wakeup RC’s entirely, and i’m a lot smarter now when i do RC. live and learn.


which part has the maki footage?

Can somebody list the players who played on the CvS2 team tourney for me? I’m watching “SD - Texas Showdown 5 Part 4.wmv”. There’s some awesome guy running Ratio 4 A-Blanka and juicing people like a jackass all over the place. Am I guessing wrong, or did he beat Eddie Lee? I ask because there isn’t anybody else I know who plays Mai, R2 Vega.

C-Akuma, Guile, white shorts Sagat player is very, very good. Is that Hsien? I strongly feel he would of won if he only didn’t get impatient with the Sagat low tigers against Hibiki in the end. Anti-airing with the High Tiger supers looked like a mistake as well. He really could of used that meter versus the Hibiki low jumps. Yeah, Hibiki low jump MP is annoying as hell. Sagat was dealing with them the best he could though. I don’t think OTK does this, but always need to look for random qcf+MP or qcf+HP at the half screen footsies range so you can roll through when you have C-Sagat. It makes the low jump difficult to guard against. Being able to pull off that anti-low jump DP near the end made a great difference in getting OTK to stop spamming that garbage. Anyway, yeah. Good game. I wish the outcome was different, but C-Choi team player did the best he could against a tough counter match. He played a lot more patient that I probably could of played thats for sure.

-Probably the most obvious thing Akuma will do to you when you are cornered is to teleport behind you for the super quick launcher. OTK counter this brilliantly by knowing exactly what Akuma was thinking, waiting for Akuma to do it, and then countering with Kyo low shorts into a super combo. Excellent. I didn’t know that Akuma was vulnerable like that actually. I’m always blocking when I have a feeling Akuma will try to teleport behind me. I learned something new and am going combo every time I know Akuma wants to teleport instead.

Against teleport demon/dp, I’m not so sure. But I know there’s no invincibilty on those hurricane kicks and regular Akuma’s teleport has recovery as well. I don’t care if I get beaten every now and then, I’m attempting a low short combo every time instead of blocking now.

Brian Tyson? Yeah, the Texas Akumas and Sagats are beastly. Never underestimate them even when they’re playing a seemingly weak character like the C-groove version of Akuma.

-Wow, OTK did a full damage Shine Knuckle off the trap against a Sakura dive kick. That either takes lightning fast reflexes or a whole lot of anticipation. Either way, I was impressed.

-Why on earth was C-Morrigan being taped? No offense to whoever was taping (because I wouldn’t have so many other great vids if you didn’t tape), but this was fast forward material. :bluu:

-Actually, nevermind what I said negatively about the C-Morrigan player. He almost BEATS OTK for his first two characters in the pools. That would of been absolutely hilarious. :clap:

alex navvoro was r4 blanka , and it was brian tyson playing c akuma guile sagat