TS5 Footage

i’ve been downloading this thing for a few damn days now. i can usually get videos within 15 minutes, but this thing is taking me forever…i can only get like a 2kb connection with people. What’s the deal?

It would help having a list. The only lineup is immediately recognized is Buktooth’s N-Iori, Morrigan and R2-Hibiki

EDIT: Who’s the guy with K-Kyo, Rock and Hibiki? He seemed pretty tough, esp his Kyo.

Otaku, or OTK for short, top japanese player, certified BEAST.

Lol, in future try reading the rest fo the thread before asking questions that make you look so foolish :P.

kcxj: About that Akuma thing, I always block. Question, would what OTK does open him up to teleport xx demon? Or will cr shorts win every time?

The secret about Kyo’s crouching shorts? You need to change your Star Wars avatar to a pigadoken-grabbing-that-other-dude’s-junk avatar instead. :wasted:

I thought ‘Otaku’ was something else, didn’t know it was a player’s name :stuck_out_tongue: Now I know.