TSA Pat-Down: Nobody move, nobody get... squirt?

Man arrested after ejaculating during TSA pat-down

Man arrested after ejaculating during TSA pat-down : Dead Serious News

And the dude’s name was Cummings.

TSA Bad Touch strikes again! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve heard of double, triple and even the coveted quad post, but a quad THREAD post? Only Black Jesus can do it, folks.

WTF? You can’t even enjoy your pat down now? This is like the fantasy turned nightmare where I finally get freeky deeky with the girl I been chasing after and it turns out she’s really kinky. So kinky that she punishes me for getting off, creating a orgasmic dilemma of being aroused for the forbidden pleasure of being aroused, but then getting my dick smashed for it.

:rofl: @ the TSA agent calling for backup when he came.

As Tony said in Sometimes They Come Back…Again

“There’s no stopping THIS heavy flow!! :rofl:


You think he might have stoped once the dude got a freakin’ boner. But no, he kept on going.

at least he didn’t have to go to a massage parlor for his “happy ending”! :stuck_out_tongue:


As funny as this is, please tell me none of you believed it was real.

Though I just know this is how it’d go down. Jizz, then cuffs.

it’s real in my heart

Honestly, I’m sure there have been REAL incidents like this that didnt go all over the media. Some people are into sick and weird stuff these days :\

Having your balls cradled is sick and weird?

i cummed reading this thread fuck.

AW SKEET SKEET SKEET SKEET!!! C’mon. Somebody had to say it.


Anybody who regularly visits supermarket produce sections coulda told that screener what would happen.