TSA strip searches 95 year old grandmother with cancer

… really? REALLY?

I’m going to be flying to Evo this summer. I can’t wait to deal with this bullshit.

Does anybody here work for the TSA? Can somebody explain to me why common sense can’t be applied to situations like this? I"m really curious. I know that when you have people in upper management saying shit has to be done a certain way, they’re making these rules based on assumptions and not having very much knowledge of how things work on the ground. If anybody works for the TSA that’s on SRK and can shed some light on how this works, I’d love to listen.

This shit is fucking outrageous.

TSA isn’t there for common sense. They’re there so your rights are raped which causes you to get a false sense of security. They’re a facade.

It’s also there so our tax dollars can be wasted and given to corporations who provide the screening devices.


I hope when I go to EVO that I have a cute TSA agent violate me.
I also hope my girlfriend does not read these forums anytime soon.

Yeah, this sucks, the agency’s rules are a bit out of control. But no matter what, they’re in a lose-lose situation. They get bad press for this, for sure, and if they let that lady on the plane, just because she looked innocent enough and something happened, they would still get bad press. I don’t envy them at all.

When I was a manager at GameStop earlier in the year I had a worker who worked as a nightshift grunt for the TSA at JFK. I can see if I can get any info about it.

what is a 95 year old woman with cancer doing getting on a plane anyway

i mean what can you possibly have to do at age 95 that requires leaving your retirement home

that sounds suspicious

It’s either that or we start profiling people. So what do you want? Profile random black and white dudes from major cities with loose pants and clean caps that might be dealing drugs, and profile all muslims or anybody that prays that might bomb the plane… or random profiling and grandma gets ganked.

Take your pick, profiling or searching children and grandma…

“Common sense” turns into profiling real quick.

Read the article again.

She’s going to pass up living in a retirement home in sunny Florida to live with some relatives in cold and bitter Michigan… and then move into a retirement home anyway

still suspicious

95 year old cancer patients make the best bomb mules.

On a tangent, I think at 95 I’d just accept the leukemia, instead of putting myself through a battery of physically debilitating medical procedures designed to marginally prolong my life. 95 is a good run.

Oh no my rights are being violated blah blah blah. who gives a fuck! The old lady didnt.

They’re doing their job, and not being biased for once. This should be a celebration thread instead of a “what?!?!??!” thread.

A trouper? Nice writing, article.

Exactly. If certain demographics were excused or given some leniency when it comes to airport security you’d have to be an idiot to think terrorists would hesitate to take advantage and/or exploit it. I feel bad for the woman and her family for having gone through that bullshit but at the same time I respect the TSA for seemingly following procedure and sticking to their guns. I bet that many people who criticize TSA for defending it’s employees would also criticize them for back pedaling had this situation caused a major shift in policy.

God forbid but if the woman did use her condition as a means of slipping past security and bombing a plane then RC how would you feel knowing you wouldn’t be able to blame the TSA for it? More importantly after such a tragedy what would you do to make sure something like that doesn’t happen again? It looks like this is one of those situations that show you can’t always have your cake and eat it too.

That being said I’ve been “randomly chosen” to be strip searched and had my rights violated every time I used an airport since 2001 and I’m sure I’ll have to deal with it again at EVO.

Yeah like Zephyr said it really is lose/lose for TSA my heart goes out to them (the good ones not the corrupt ones) as much as it does to the old woman who sounds like she handled the situation gracefully.


George Carlin said it best over a decade ago.

I feel like a bad guy, but I agree.
They did their job and its nice to not here this is about a 20 year old black male.

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If you have cancer you dont need to stop living. If you are fortunate enough to have the ability to be on your feet, out and about and you have your doctors consent for a trip like this, you should take it. Treatments get in the way of living in a big way, so without doubt this trip would have been organized to be at a correct time in-between treatments when the grandmother could take it.

Ah, and some families look after their own. I believe in a lot of cases, more should, but some just cant which is also understandable.

so why didn’t she go through the full body scanner?

Maybe it would conflict with chemo or something. I don’t actually have a real answer.

the thing is, doing their job is irrelevant for stopping a bomb. trust me, if someone desperately wanted to blow up an airport with a fucking bomb, you will lose

I don’t work for TSA but I understand it perfectly

let’s assume for a second that this type of security is needed and that this airport security process was a sensible method. that means they can’t overlook anyone, including a 93 year old woman. if they start overlooking old women with adult diapers, then those will be what’s used to attack us. period. it’s happened in history ever single time. whatever group you exclude from the same measures that bars out everyone else, enemies use that group to fuck you. leaving that loophole out there is like pulling your pants down bending over and asking to be fucked in the ass.

but the truth is it’s not a sensible process. because of that common sense can’t be applied, you can’t ask for logic with a stupid ass process. bombs have already been shipped through airport security already. common sense should tell you that no level of defense is going to stop determined criminals… because criminals overcome defenses. for instance, what’s to stop the pilot from being a part of terrorist action? just cause he’s middle aged, white, has a family, and been aiming for being a pilot his whole life, he’s trustworthy? if we’re actually being attacked by some enemy, they’ll use whatever means necessary.

most people are too stupid to understand things like this. these are the same people that think having a good lock on your house makes you safe. the rest don’t care, probably

“Dare me to screen old girl over there?”

“Do it…You won’t.”

I don’t fly, and these articles delight me. Keep on America’ing!