TSP Aug 8th Monthly SF3S/SF4/Blazblue


Hello Everyone,

I am happy to announce that our Aug monthly will be adding Blazblue to the docket!

Sat Aug 8th 2009
1608 N Main Ave(in the back)
Scranton PA 18509

Schedule of events
(Venue fee is $5, we take nothing else from the pot)

Registration 1:00PM

Free play 1:00 - 3:00

3:00- SF3S Singles $10/person
%60 -1st
%30- 2nd
%10- 3rd

5:00- Street Fighter 4 $10/person
%60 -1st
%30- 2nd
%10- 3rd

6:30-Blazblue Singles $5/person
%60 -1st
%30- 2nd
%10- 3rd

If there is enough interest in SC4 or teams events we will add them to the days events



What date is this on?


Sat Aug 8th!


Coming Up Soon!