TST III: Fighting Remastered 16/8/08-17/8/08 Winnipeg Manitoba


It’s another year and another summer. We need to get that annual Winnipeg tournament started up again. With the tournament also comes with a new website.So start building hype as we have quite the games coming in. As you may know we will have the typical games that we play for tournaments. (Games are subject to change)

  • Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
  • Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
  • Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection (Provided we have the numbers)
  • Smash Bros Brawl and Melee (Will not be held on the same day)

And introducing the new tournament that is entering and will hopefully draw a decent crowd…GUITAR HERO III!

Now making a comeback from way back…Capcom vs. SNK 2!!!

Date: August 16/17th
Place: University of Manitoba. Science Lounge in Armes.

Directions can be found here.

University of Manitoba

Science Lounge directions

Entry Fee to the site: Free!!!
Entry for the tournaments: 5 Dollars/Tournament (Singles), 10 Dollars/Tournament (Teams)

11AM: Open/registration 11AM
2PM: Super Smash Brothers Melee - Duong Phu - ultra_nYo
3PM: Capcom Vs SNK 2 - Matt Lehotsky - Cletus Kasady
4PM: Guitar Hero 3 - James Kim - jim_kim
5PM: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo - Duong Phu - ultra_nYo
6PM: Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike Teams - Tyler Sanderson kang_do
7PM: Tekken 5:Dark Resurection - Matt Lehotsky - Cletus Kasady

2PM: Super Smash Brothers Brawl - Duong Phu - ultra_nYo
3PM: Guilty Gear:Accent Core - Matt Lehotsky - Cletus Kasady
4PM: Soul Calibur 4 - Tyler Sanderson - Kang_Do
6PM: Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike singles - James Kim - jim_kim

Rules for the games can be found here

TST Rules

We’re expecting you guys to spread the news that TST III is coming soon. More to come in this thread, rules and regulations will also be posted.

We’ll also be having tournament directors this year. This meaning the staff will be in charge of one game each or whatever, just so that we don’t have multiple people coming to a person who has no idea what’s going on.

So, there you have it guys, new tournament coming, you have all summer to train and practice. GET HYPE!

Posters to the event: 1, 2

Best of luck guys. I’ll be up at the cottage that weekend or I’d give this some serious consideration. It’d be great to meet another community of Canadian players.

Really want to go to this, but probably can’t. Are you Winnipeg guys still coming down to the Minnesota tourney in mid-September?

Edit: Now that I think about it, maybe I could make this (Greyhound). Do you provide any housing?

If you don’t mind sleeping on the floor I might have space in my apartment. There might be others who can offer something a little more comfortable. I’ll ask around and see. As for the minni tourney, I am really considering it. Is there more info around for it?

bumped for more attention

im seriously considering comming up for this tournament.

can cats house me cause i dont know there at all.

whats the cheapest way to there… cause im cheap… not broke! just cheap … .shit!

someone from canada’s east coast gotta come out there and show the west of canada what the east gots in CVS2… for real.

let me know!

ottawa thread or pm cause i smoke way too much and forget shit…

annnnnd can i enter CVS teams alone? ya i said it.

Yeaah boi

Just got back into Edmonton and I am already hard at work, I’m going to try and assemble some Albetonites together and have them come threw. It s still early i havent talked to too many people but im sure we can get this shit going

I might be coming up, who are the best 3s players there?

Yeah, I’m really trying to hit up this tournament, I’ll do my best to make it out

I’m the best at everything Rik. EVERYTHING! I’m coming.
Arcade Kid represent Ottawa crew good, respect.

I wonder is the Saskatewan crew will do their infamous, I’m coming, I couldn’t come this year. It’s an annual tradition!

Arcade kid is From Montreal dude lol

Hype this shit bitches!

Duskbringer vs Winnipeg in tekken
Bkb vs Shane
Wes vs (who ever is the best 3s in winnipeg)

Lets make it happen!!! Oh i guess we can run rik vs Wes, and we can mm that shit too if sask is down

Greg is not coming, you might as well drop it.

Ok well thats fine if greg isnt coming, we still can hype this shit brotha, I’m trying to talk rengade into coming, if he is, expect tons and tons of shit talk. He also might just come to see You ahahha

You guys might want to add your new web address to the first post just in case people are lazy and don’t search around.

Well well well, I came ot this threat to make my grand post about all the ass I woudl optic blast, but then I realized there was no xmen at this tournament, even if it was a 8 man tournament, I’d still enter. Shit you guys could play on controllers with macro, i wouldn’t care, but i mean its MY game. That and Rena-Girl wouldn’t be able to make it. SO with out futher adu


yo seriously steve you cant be expecting me and owen to want to come ot this shit when they aint got no xmen. What if you run a side tournament. get it set up on a tv like you do here, or a pc or w.e come on mr xmen do some talking to yo peeps

We’re not opposed to the idea of it. I’d enter it for fun.

Yawn, Owen your such a lammer, you cant go becaus of work just like T9, it has nothing to do with no Xvsf. Try to get the time off work man, it’ll be worth it.

No one said there was 0% chancee of there being xvsf o.O

And you’d beat SB for free

I know, thats soley because of me. i always mean to come to these events but something always comes up at the last possible second. I already told Shiro i might not be coming, it all depends if he is willing to detour to pick me up on his way to TST. As being the best player in Sask I think it would be a good thing if I did go.

Wait i know sask has come to Edmonton tournaments before, all but ONE person