TST III: Fighting Remastered Results

Super Smash Brothers Melee (12 entries)

  1. Russel “Lickuid” Racca
  2. Wilson “Mugz” Tieu
  3. William “roy” Giang
  4. Adam “Dave” Hayes
    T5. Miller “analyze” Sornes, Sam “denizen” Issac
    T7. AJ Closas, Kevin “kevos” Tieu
  5. Nikko Racca
    T10. Kenneth Tieu, Jerome “bisu” Fulgencio, Brian “Bluze” Gutron

Capcom vs Snk 2 (12 entries)

  1. Ed Luangkhot
  2. George “Geodude” Wong
  3. Ed “Ex-s” Lee
  4. Norman Forest
    T5. Matt “Ckasady” Lehotsky, Greg Robinson
    T7. Duong “nYo” Phu, Jo Arcillia
    T9. Todd “Nethus” Niffin,
    T10. Steffan “srf3po” Fields, Andrew “Gaybarguy” Kielbasowycz, James “Korea” Kim

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (11 entries)

  1. Shane “Shinakuma” Fleury
  2. Norman Forrest
  3. Duong “nYo” Phu
  4. Andrew “Gaybarguy” Kielbasowycz
    T5. Matt “ckasady” Lehotsky, Jericho
    T7. Tyler “Kang” Sanderson, Todd “Nethus” Niffin
    T9. Jo Arcillia, Steffan “srf3po” Fields, Karel “M0nster” Kahula

Super Smash Brothers Melee 2v2 (4 teams)

  1. Wilson Tieu, William Giang
  2. Russel Racca, Kevin Tieu
  3. Adam Hayes, AJ Closas
  4. Miller Sornes, Nico Racca

Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike teams (7 teams)

  1. Shane “Shinakuma” Fleury/Andrew “gaybarguy” Kielbasowycz
  2. Norman Forest/Jerome “bisu” Fulgencio
  3. Matt “ckasady” Lehotsky/Tim “tech-hit” Ho
  4. Steffan “srf3po” Fields, Duong “nYo” Phu
    T5. James “Korea” Kim/Jericho "dreadfist: Monton, Ed “ex-s” Lee/Tyler “Kang” Sanderson
    7.Curtis “cmanoa” Manoaisk/Jo Arcillia/Jayse “Cynixx” Meyer

Tekken 5:Dark Ressurection

  1. Curtis “cmanoa” Manoaisk
  2. Steffan “srf3po” Fields
    T3. Tyler “Kang” Sanderson, Tim “Tech-Hit” Ho

More to come today.

Well I made it back to Regina and I am just wiped! I don’t really know where to start because this weekend has been such an eye opening experience for me. I guess first off i’d like to start by thanking the fighting game scene in Winnipeg for being so hospitable and welcoming to a out of towner and making me feel like a part of the crew! :lovin: Saturday walking in you have no idea how nervous I was being at my first tourney and being from out of town.

Most thanks goes out to Duong “nYo” Phu for contacting me and actually getting me interested in what turned out to be a great weekend. It all started with you! You got the ball rolling and got me interested in getting back into fighting games seriously. Thanks for all your efforts! :lovin:

James Kim - Awesome to meet you! Props to you for all your efforts and contrubutions to the fighting game scene in Winnipeg. You really made the weekend more relaxing for me from the minute I met you Friday night. Great playing you and we’ll have to get in some AH next time i’m there! :tup:

Tyler - Probably the most methodical player I have seen with my own eyes so far! Nice to meet you! Congrats on SC4! Keep working on the stick skills and please don’t let the footage go to waste I want a dvd! :wgrin:

Steffan Fields - Nice to meet you! Don’t give up on that Alex! We’ll have to get in more casuals next time i’m back!

Andrew Kielbasowycz - We didn’t get to play many casuals or step out on teh town but that will change when I come back. You are like my Winnipeg counterpart! I think we can really make eachother better. I want to learn yun! Holla at me about Minnesota!

Shane Fleury - Nice to finally meet you and play you! You are a beast and a breath of fresh air to the community. Playing you makes me to want to get better and we’ll have to play more when I come back. Holla at me about those DVDs!

Matt Lehotsky - Nice meeting you and you are hilarious! get on that GG:AC and stop beasting that broken what was it called?..Oh yea MVC2! jk :wgrin:

Jerome my 3s teammate - Stop beasting with only 3 weeks practice lol, nice to meet you!

Ed Lee - Nice meeting you and you got me interested in CVS2! Too bad its on its last leg but ima still play it! :wgrin: We’ll get some games in in the future!

Tim Ho - Only met you for a quick second but we’ll have to hook up online and we’ll definately make time for casuals next time we meet.

To anyone else I might have forgot it was nice meeting you all and I got nothing but respect for the scene in Winnipeg. Thank you all for a awesome weekend and hopefully we’ll all meet again in the near future bigger and better!

Take care! :smile:

:tup: Looks like a good time. Congratulations on a solid tourney Winnipeg Crew. :tup:

Thanks appreciate the comment. Hope to see you at one of these tournaments some day. I plan to go to one of the T tournaments one day, maybe next year.