TST IV: Live IV the Fight August 15-16 Winnipeg Manitoba


Alright here it is guys.


This is it the big Winnipeg Major. This is the tournament you want to perform your best, well atleast the ones not going to evo. Shane again is the top player to gun down in several games. Russel is the defending champ at TST but Wilson has been running through him in the past few tournies. Can he finall come through and win the big one? Those are some of the stories going into the event. So guys get in the practice and lets put on a show. With some of the new games coming out we are planning to run tournaments for them. The list is subject to change depending on what you guys want. Remember folks this tournament doesn’t run without input from everyone. If enough people speak up we’'ll do what we can to compensate for it. On to the details.

Date: Aug 15-16
Location: Science Lounge at University of Manitoba

Entry Fee Site: FREE
Entry per game

Street Fighter IV singles ($10)
Street Fighter IV Teams ($20)
Smash Brothers Melee ($10)
Everything else is $5

Tentative schedule and game list.

Saturday August 15

2:00PM - Smash singles (Duong) (Gamecube,Wii)
2:00PM - Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (James) (PS2)
4:00PM - Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix (TBD) (PS3)
5:00PM - Street Fighter 4 (2v2 Teams) (Everyone) (PS3)

Sunday August 16

2:00PM - Blazblue (TBD) (PS3)
3:00PM - Soul Calibur 4 (Tyler) (PS3) (Yoda and Vader are allowed)
4:00PM - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo(Vanilla)(Duong) (TBD)
5:00PM - Street Fighter IV singles (Everyone) (PS3)

More info coming but thats most of it.

General Rules

Double elimination
2 out of 3
Winners, Losers and Grand finals will be 3 out of 5
Blind pick can be requested

Double elimination
Knockout format will be used.
First two go up loser switches off and his partner plays next. If the first one wins again they win the round and advance

Smash Specific rules:

  • First few rounds may possibly be 1 round depending on entries

-4 stock 8 minutes
-No Items

  • Stages limited to 6 “neutral” stages for random, others open for counterpicks. Each person may knock out one stage for the entire set.

  • The first round stage is selected by random, but if both players (teams) can agree on a stage then the first match can be played on any stage they agree upon except one from the banned list below.

  • A player may not choose a stage where he/she has already won.

  • The winner of the first round may change characters but they have to select first then the loser selects their’s and then follow by selecting the stage as well.

-If you wish to have the game paused, you must request that your opponent do it, otherwise he has the choice to restart the round on a level of his choice. This rule does not apply to sudden obstructions and catastrophes.

-Neutral stages: Final Destination, Yoshi’s Story, Fountain of Dreams, Kirby 64, Pokemon Stadium, Mute City

Stages Banned:

Icicle Mountain
Yoshi’s Island 64
Flat Zone
Brinstar Depths
Big Blue
Hyrule Temple
Termina - Great Bay
Mushroom Kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom II
Yoshi’s Island
Jungle Japes

This leaves 14 stages to play on which are:

Final Destination
Yoshi’s Story
Rainbow Cruise
Fountain of Dreams
Pokemon Stadium
Peach’s Castle
Green Greens
Kongo Jungle
Kongo Jungle 64
Dream Land 64
Mute City
Poke Floats

  • 2v2 team rules: Friendly fire is on. Everything else is the same except fountain of dreams is banned as well.


sticky this please Justin!


Is there any housing available? I’ve been wanting to attend one of these and meet the Winnipeg players for a long time. If I had housing + cheap flight combo I’d reach.


Nagata if you’re down for going and would consider a hotel i’d be down for doing a hotel share + cheap flight combo


I smell Road Trip, Tom Green style.


It’s too early to tell about flights. I checked if I was to buy right now and it’s $600 for flight alone. There is no way in hell I’m doing that on a 3 - 4 day weekend for a tournament. I’ll have to keep the date in mind and check on cheap flights closer to the date.

On a related note I check train (1 day, 11 hours each way) and car (18 hour drive) and ruled them out.


This is just me but I suggest you change SFIV to Saturday instead of Sunday.
I’m pretty sure you will not finish this game in 1 day if this is a big major event.
From one organizer to another.

Singles will take forever, especially SFIV.
The last singles tourny gathered 60 players when I was only expecting 30.
That’s double the amount of expectancy.
Be careful when you advertise SFIV tourny’s, attendance is unpredictable.



Yeah Russel i know, like 16 players when you expected 40 after someone posted a tourney on a similar time frame :mad:

LOL just playing with you Russel. You’re cool.:cool:


The solution is multiple tvs. MAT had SF4 singles done in just a few hours


Thanks for the advice. We’ll see what happens when we get closer. From what I’ve gathered since our first tourney that had over 50 people and we ran 8 pools of 6 or so then had a 16 man double elim bracket and we finished in a timely fashion. We should have a good amount of setups for the game. Our second one had around 34 entries and was done in around 3 hours or so on 4 stations.

If a lot of people show up for teams on the first day that will give us a better idea of what to do with the second day.

Anyways for those that want housing I can house 3 or 4 people provided you guys don’t mind a cat and sleeping on the floor. You guys can fight over who gets to sleep on the couch.


go jum kum go


Here’s and example of the skill level and atmosphere you can expect at TST.

Smash - [media=youtube]psMaFJVDQh4&feature=channel_page[/media]

SF4 - [media=youtube]6UroqjtLioY&feature=channel_page[/media]


All videos will be captured in HD.


If there are any out of towners coming in, there are 3 hotels within the vincinity. All 5 min drive to the tournament site.

Best Western
1714 Pembina Hwy
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2G2
(204) 269-8888?

Capri Motel <- This one IS a Motel, don’t reserve online, it’s gay
1819 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2G6
(204) 269-6990?

Super 8 Hotel
1714 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2G2
(204) 269-8888


I expect there to be much rejoicing in Cammy White kicks and Sonic Boomings.

There better not be a mountain shack in this tournament, because we all know who will break that shit DOWN


I’m an out of towner looking to come to this event. I think I might only be able to come on Saturday. I would love to compete in sf4 but have no partner. Is there anyone still looking for a team mate? Possibly someone from Toronto I could team with?


There will be people who need a partner there. Just show up and you’ll find someone who does.


Cool thanks.
Is the tournament being run on ps3’s entirely? I just have a 360 stick. Do any of the event organizers have a 360 to ps3 cable adapter perhaps?


Probably not, but there will likely be sticks for use.


Just got to Winnipeg and realised that I didn’t pack a controller for smash! Is there a place in the peg that I can buy one? Also, will there be any 360s at this tourny? By Saturday I will have finished work on my custom stick and I’d love to test it out.

Is there another thread for event discussion somewhere? Where’s the hype at for the big Winnipeg major?