TTF SFIV $1 Tourney Singles WINNER TAKES ALL- San Diego,CA.- 3/19 ShoutOuts & Results

SFIV $1.00 Singles- WINNER TAKES ALL!!!
Out of 30 players only 1 takes the pot
AND IT GOES TO BEEFCAKE and he can’t go to Cicada’s on the 27th T_T
This tourney goes out to all the players with gf’s who don’t understand what SF means to us T_T
Top 8
1: BEEFCAKE- Boxer
3: Repulse- Sagat
4: unprotectedSEX- Rufus
5: NeRemixed- Akuma
5: KSexy- E. Honda
7: pimpbot9000- Able
7: combusted- Boxer

Honorable Mentions
9: OnegaiJames
9: Dawoo
9: marco_m
9: Commander Keen

13: Loky
13: Jokersss
13: r0nbath
13: DJMasters
17: kaiten619
17: Netedge
17: Dios X
17: KillaByte
17: KidKai
17: Nick
17: BJ Lenn
17: sallabout08
25: Jamall
25: SlothHands
25: Joe
25: Call2Arms
25: Jetquick
25: Maku

Top 8 Break Down
Losers 4
KSexy vs. combusted- KSexy takes it 2-0
pimpbot9000 vs. NeRemixed- NeRemixed takes it 2-1
Winners 4**
unprotectedSEX vs. Repulse- Repulse takes it 2-1

Back to Losers
MR.CERTIFIED vs. KSexy- MR.CERTIFIED takes it 2-1
NeRemixed vs. unprotectedSEX- unprotectedSEX takes it 2-1
Losers Semis**
MR.CERTIFIED vs unprotectedSEX- MR.CERTIFIED takes it 2-0
Losers Grand Finals**
Repulse vs. MR.CERTIFIED- MR.CERTIFIED takes it 2-1
MR. CERTIFIED vs. BEEFCAKE a.k.a. team drama- BEEFCAKE takes it 3-0

maku vs. GIORGIO- GIORGIO takes it 2-1
r0nbath vs. “who the fuck is that guy” Nick- r0nbath clutches it 2-1

Thank you for the good night fellas this might be my last ttf/ttf lygu for awhile i need to take a big break and shit but look forward to super and check out the stream this sunday at the box!!!

went 2-2, 3 of my 4 matches were rogs… fml.

thanks for hosting Cody, always a good time.

Ps: make it mandatory for Jason to be faded at all TTF events.

good shit to cody, imma miss TTF during the break :frowning: more bbqs peasee

if someone sponsors me in getting faded im all for it! wait…im only fun when im faded? :((((((((((((((((((((((

fun stuff as always and i apologize to james for counterpicking but i was too faded to try and grind out a win with abel vs gief.

Damn, i was just shy of an honorable mention. Oh well, at least I was the only non boxer match that Dj had that night. and props to my buddy Combus for makin top 8.

Now if we could get a TTF BBQ SUPER SF4 launch party that’d be so sick.