TTF SFIV 2v2/ Tekken6 RB 1.5- San Diego, CA.- 1/29 Results and Shout Outs

Street Fighter IV 2v2 Team Tourney
Top 8**
1: birthday money- ShadyK/ Style Guile
2: JCVD- deci/ AlexMan
3: Raging Opera- unprotectedSEX/ NeRemixed
4: certifiedBEEF- Mr. Certified/ BEEFCAKE
5: Cool Story Broh- n3m0n1c/ yeb
5: box arena- Kui/ DJ FrankFresh
7: sexybots- Pimpbot9000/ KSexy
7: UCSFree- bcchoi/ ???

9: dark mexican plus 1
9: tour de france
9: we play mw2 better than you
9: fenga papit
13: hello kitty ft chong wang
13: magic the gathering

Tekken6 BR ranbat 1.5
Top 8**
1: leoC
2: AlexMan
3: n8nmonster
4: got soy milk?
5: kazajin619
5: nerentwah
7: little unkown
7: fast_handsCODY

9: call2arms
9: J Flo
13: aizombie

Fuck street fighter 4.

ey, I was bcchoi’s partner - PBS

shout outs to lagade for doing a raging demon to the front porch light.

oh and remind me to go to the mile of gnomes sometime.

oh and i bet nemo still lost at jacking off when he went home that night.

shoutouts to the Sagat players:

sam for losing to my guile
nemo for losing to cody’s rufus

quote of night:

well i didnt watch the match with cody and nemo but dude you know you got lucky cause i missed my ultra at the end after a forward roundhouse its all good though cause greg pulled it out anyways

lol thats just like saying greg got lucky beating me because i missed my blocks and techs :stuck_out_tongue:

all good though cause we still play modern warfare 2 better than you anyways

i play pokemon!

Hey Nemo.

Nice hair f a g g o t.

Congrats Keith. Styled on us.

shout out to alex for being a beast of a partner.

however, correction… only you got styled on by keith :arazz:

i really am the nicest guy i know

Make a Wish Foundation: Street Fighter IV Edition

shout outs to all the players who came out to play and my teammate for playing with me

pfft everyone knows keith carried you on his back all night.

shout out to alcohol for making me miss 3 forward rh before ultra and also an ultra vs deci that i went to fast on,


and MAD props to Deci for being amazing and beating Yeb and Nemo :wgrin::wgrin::wgrin::wgrin: Next time I have to try and play gay with Viper. tryyyyyyyy

U already wore a nice jacket ******.

Jager bombs ;/

Stick to beers sir.