TTF SFIV's Amateurs Hour Tourney/ Tekken6 RanBat 1.4- San Diego-CA.- 1/22- Results

Out of 28 players in the Street Fighter IV Amateur’s Hour Tourney
Top 8**
1: sannsann
2: G3rald
4: sloth
5: Repulse
5: Mr. Certified
7: steinmania
7: unprotectedSEX

Honorable Mentions
9: jokersss
9: netedge
9: KSexy
9: n3m0 aka rose master

The Rest
13: the dud
13: Watts
13: r0nbath
13: street sweepers
17: Final Aura
17: jew hustle
17: Combusted
17: Loki
17: marco_m
17: Who is J-Mo?
17: pimpbot9000
17: Style Guile
25: Todd
25: Maku
25: mixup
25: Jet

Out of 14 players in the Tekken 7 BR tourney
Top 8
1: got soy milk?
2: leoC
3: nerenetwaH
4: n8nmonster
5: Kankuro
5: TheDumadagger
7: onegai james
7: fast_handsCODY

Honorable Mention
9: steviesteph
9: little unkown
9: Call2Arms
9: kaiten619

The Rest
13: corneliuscack
13: aizombie

Highlights for me:

  • Lagade beatingDuma
  • sannsann vs unprotectedSEX
  • sannsann winning!

GG’s, I fucking suck.

Good shit Sann! Reppin’ UCSD.

Sann, you’re my hero.

Fun stuff, even if I was tied for last ;p

It was cool to finally meet many of you guys.

Yeb is a machine! I lucked out and got 1 round on him :0
Then I was ravaged by Gen’s wrinkly hands for the rest.

thats S**T was soooo DIRTY!!!

FUCKING SLOTH DIE!!! shoulda had you but yeah was fun playing rose giving some decent competition next time that hoe is gonna be hotter.

Props sann, I didn’t get to play you.

Jmo: next time.

Gerald: ultra clock timer whore, gg jerk.

Nemo: after party was chill, sup with Bri? Haha

ggs all

sann: good shit sann your dhalsim is on top of the game

gerald: i gotta play more patient and learn to do that reaction ultra that you busted on me that shit was hot

Sloth: ggs nail biter for both of us at the end i shouldnt have focused your devils reverse it wiffed 3 times

ALL: i gotta get these stupid butterflies off me when i play tourney a lot of the stupid things i do i say to myself why the hell did i do that!?!?!?!?! I guess your right greg i do have qualities of a 14 year old:tdown:

Gg’s to everyone i played against. Honestly the line up I had for the ttf with everyone 100x better than this week lol , but either way good shit guys always tons of fun looking forward to seeing u guys if U can Play at the 2v2 at CO on Feb 15th reppin’ team tour de France !

how did sonnsonn win this? i’ll play him first to 100 for $10000 and i’ll give him a 99 game head start


jk. good job.

also, LOL @ beefcake

Good shit everyone, and thanks again Cody for opening your casa for everyone, you got some comfy ass furniture man

yo gg’s to all.

cody: our match was mad hype. good shit clutching it out that second set. i need to learn my buttons again =\

everyone else: gg’s, hope to see ya’ll and then some at the next ttf!

ps. shadyk, i’ll take that challenge!

gg’s everyone

damn you Maku!!! I thought we was playing for fun! haha ggs

Good games all. Had a good experience and actually won some games, haha. Still have lots more headroom to level up.

Thanks for hosting cody. The “amateurs” in SD are toooo good.

Thanks for hosting the event! It was fun will try to make it out to more of these things to up my weak sauce game up

ROFL AT SWEEEEEEPS he was complaining maku was trying to hard in casuals funny asssssssssssss shit and sann sann u still suck run back the money match so I can lose again (I fail at MM) :frowning:

I think You should change the format of this tournament because honestly If you asked me the top 8 with out doubt i would have got 7 of the 8 right if not 8 out of the 8 , I think the best way to fix it is to NOT allow past winners in or something cause

1: sannsann (wow you guys suck)
2: G3rald
4: sloth
5: Repulse
5: Mr. Certified
7: steinmania
7: unprotectedSEX

was honestly pretty obvious. and yes even nemos rose couldnt break top 8 wow that guy is a ******


I’m a choke artist.