TTF SSFIV r0nbat 3.2/ T6 Singles Tourney Full Results/ShoutOuts- San Diego, CA.-12/3

Super Street Fighter IV Full Results
Top 8 **
1 CHRIS KING- 8 pts
2 combusted99- 7 pts
3 calm warrior- 6 pts
4 laceysan- 5 pts
5 G3RALD - 3 pts
5 mr certified - 3 pts
7 Watts - 1 pt
7 killabyte - 1 pt

Honorable Mention **
9 Who is J mo?
9 g0d bath
9 UnprotectedSEX
9 n3m0n1c
Gutter Trash

13 sloth hands
13 Pat
13 loky
13 final aura
17 fenix
17 bacon porn
17 brangone
17 BJ Lenn
17 marco_m
17 jokersss
17 bonesaw
17 skratchiechan
25 gear
25 jonkun
25 jet
25 kyro

Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion Full Results **

1 Tekken Tim
2 brahma
3 lolosac
4 marc p
5 fast_handsCODY
5 n8nmonster
7 call2arms
7 the hurricane
9 user7
9 laceysan
9 gear
9 mundo

shout outs

GGs everyone. I will dethrone the King -.-;

tournament was off the chain. ggs all, sorry about your jacket killabyte


GGs to everyone last night!

Thanks Cody for hosting! U the man!

Isn’t there a points system?

Also Abel and Rufus players (eric and cody) I’m comin’ for ya. That matchup isn’t so mysterious anymore.

ggs to all, good times. getting top 3 next time. thanks again cody

it WAS a nice jacket. but not anymore. :mad:

jk bro, but I would’ve really been mad if you messed up my jacket AND lost to Certified:nono:

…which didn’t happen so it’s all good in the sunbow hood. :tup:

…and no david, you can’t have my jacket.

GGs folks.

gg’s all so many new tricks to learn new match ups etc and especially trying to learn a new char and when to use sagat and when not too =\ i think both of my losses i chose the wrong character sucks :frowning: anyways gg’s all thanks for the games .

GG’s to everyone I played. Good to see everyone got a lot better than before. Theres just too much shit I dont know =/

GG’s all. Did better than i thought, woot. Thanks g3rald for throwing the shit out of me. I need to learn to tech throws. I think i tech too early. Nemo, thanks for all the tips and what not. Greatly appreciated. Thanks for hosting cody. And good shit killabyte. (I know, that super was bs).

Highlight of the night: when the power went out, lol.

yeah loky there is a point system im just lazy at the momnent

lol, just checkin’.

Any word on date and format of 3.3?
Already Hyped.