TTF SSFIV RanBat 3.5 Singles & MvC3 RanBat 1.1 Singles Tourney Reuslts/Shout Outs

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Results
25 people
**TOP 8: **
1 Dios X
2 yeb
3 Genghis
4 skoot
5 SDT Kankuro
5 Jet
7 combusted
7 dawoo

Honorable Mention
9 BushidoBrown
9 KSexy
9 watts
9 smooth assassin

13 Honey Badger
13 pimpbot9000
13 Repulse
17 DJMasters
17 Kev
17 Chris King
17 gmobbq
17 J/P
17 unprotectedSEX
17 T.G. Cid
25 Who is J- Mo?
25 rhythmic

The Super Street Fighter IV Super Invite Only Results
Top 8!!!:
1 Chris King
2 Genghis
3 combusted
5 TurtleNeckSweater
5 JetQuick
7 J/P
7 unprotectedSEX

Shout out to everone who came and played
to all the new people
rythmic, bushido brown, and anyone else who came out, come out more and bring people who are interested in playing or spectating

Casula Cartel coming out and hyping up the legend of smooth assassin

everyone who helped me out with set ups and Tim for running the huge ass super bracket…

Love for the TTF/SH family for doing there thing

Thanks to J/P for bringing out some of his equipment recording some of the top 8 matches and commentating

Another big shout out to J/P again for being are first special guest on the podcast and bringing even more equipment to help us out with that. we will get that up as soon as possible
and please questions for the podcast will always be a help

So Dios X won so I will offer to pay for his fee at the box tourney
But Dios said if he doesnt make it give it to yeb

and last shout out to yeb for being so fkn awesome!!!

welcom back YEB!! Good job Dios, its nice to see you back in the scene. See everyone on March 26th <3

this is how it went down
yeb takes out dios x to get a spot in winners finals
genghis takes out sdt kankuro for the other spot in winners finals

yeb takes out genghis 2-0 for the grand final spot

dios takes out jet quick for spot in semi losers
skoot takes out sdt kankuro for the other spot in semi losers

dios beats skoot
dios plays genghis in losers finals beating genghis

grand finals
dios has to reset
dios resets and sweeps yeb