TTFZ2 Results


1st: Moose (Hugo)
2nd: Yakamashi (Ken)
3rd: Devour (Yang)
4th: Toneman
5th: Kyrdu
6th: 2Jabs
7th: Swift
8th: Venom


1st: Moose
2nd: Yakamashi
3rd: Kyrdu
4th: Li
6th: (Tie) Geist, Captain Justice
8th: (Tie) Toneman. Night
12th: (Tie) Devour, Ace, Brand, Swift
16th: (Tie) D, B.O.B., Venom, 2Jabs

Results were kind of expected (Besides Doevour’s Yang Pwning)

It was freaking fun.

And by the way guys, Hole issue resolved. If they let us there again, Ill see you next time. Till then, Go for Broke!

(Ummm… Damn. This is Li, not Moose) :lol:
Sorry Moose.

Yeah, I need to play less low-tiers and more tiers-that-have-a-chance-of-winning. Sean just isn’t cuttin the mustard, man. And my debut of Oro was less than spectacular as well. At least I got some cheers for that one really close Ken/Sean match I had with Moose. Good times.

Dude, keep that Oro stuff up. And check your PMs

Hey where the vids at?