TTT Arcade Character Unlocking

I posted this over at TZ on the TTT board but there’s little to no activity so figured here would be the better place to post this information, sorry in advance if this was the wrong thread to post this in.

I recently purchased a Japanese Candy Cab (Egret II) and will be installing TTT on it. I remember when TTT was first launched the characters were time released so when I install my PCB is there a way to speed up the character unlock process? Any advice you might be able to provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

GameFAQs IS good for some things, if you didn’t know. There’s no way to skip it IIRC, if the old “set the time 20 weeks into the future” trick doesn’t work.

If you can’t use that to your advantage, go to Tekken Zaibatsu and see what info you can dig up there.

Awesome, thanks Saotome. My cab should be arriving this week so I’ll test that out. If im lucky the PCB will have all the characters unlocked already:smile:

[19:43] <Censei> it’s based off the timer on the board
just change the date and time and the release characters should be there

As you can see above, this is from someone who has installed many a board and cheated many a system to get people to give him money. lol If your characters aren’t unlocked already, you can fuck around after you set it up the first time and get them pretty easily.