TTT: Final Impact Results

–UMvC3 Full Results–

  1. A&C Disgruntled Goa
  2. Rebelo
  3. Luis
  4. NeoRussell
  5. Rikir, Chokehold
  6. Mister MkL, Joker
  7. exeCaptain, Mirage, Chachaman, Jing
  8. Fat Mike, DBZers, Back of the Bus, Bryan
  9. Saimon, Ben Reilly, Nigerian Prince, Jay, Magus, Vatore
  10. Ham & Eggs

–SSFIVAE Full Results–

  1. Spiral Guy
  2. Saco Jericho
  3. ItalDan
  4. Buddahforce
  5. Shine, Rebelo
  6. Charlatan, Van
  7. Nagata Lock, HVY, Blitzman, Ironstein
  8. Back of the Bus, Basics, TTT_Future, The Robin
  9. Paul B, RXS, Vatore, Ham & Eggs
  10. NUB, Alex

–I’ll have full results for these games tonight–

3rd Strike
1st Jabir
2nd NeoRussell
3rd Italdan

1st Spiral Guy
2nd Ex-Matt
3rd DaflipMasta

Tournament Archive can be found here:

-Shouts Outs-

Vince and Josephine for holding down the forth in streaming. I can always count on both of you to be there and make sure the players who cannot attend can watch the show from their comfy beds.

Jared: For running an awesome job with AE and UMvC3 brackets. Good Job.

Moon: For Running P4 and GG brackets. Awesome work as well.


Oliver, Jin & Trey: Thank you guys for helping out. You guys are certainly getting the hang of running brackets.

Game Shoutouts:

ExeCaptain: Good match. Your Zero and Vergil team is certainly something to be careful of in the future.

Goa: I hate you. I will create better combos and even better resets for you next time. I wanted to switch to Deadpool so much but I had to learn with Strider the hard way.

Chokehold: Man, my heart was raising when we fought that match. The dog saves the day against your team. No fraudulence on my end as well since I had no factor.

Luis: Dude, good job on gettign 3rd. Another good job on beating the 2 players that you lost to a week before. You’ve got the skills but fortify it even better to place higher and compete with the best.

Thanks to everyone who came for Final Impact. It was a nice turnout and hopefully everyone had fun. Next tournament from TTT will be in February. Please let me know if there are any feedbacks or concerns and I will certainly address them. Send them to

Thanks to A&C World for hosting, NeoRussell for organizing, Watchtower for directing and RXS for streaming.

Shout outs to ItalDan. I loved watching his Oni go to work on people. I wish we could’ve played some casual games outside of 3rd Strike.

Blitz & Saco; had fun playing casual games with two strong players I rarely get to see anymore.

Nice to see EX Matt. It’s been… 2 years? Longer?

Good to see everyone. Enjoy the upcoming holiday season.