TTT: Help Represent Tech Talk Panel For Razer's New Ultimate Stick

As some of you may know, Razer has announced they will accept 200 handpicked people from the FG community to help their development team with their new arcade stick. Not only are they accepting tournament players, but also modders. TT is home of some of the best modders to be found. However, there is a high chance our modders can be lost in the flood of beta applications. This is a opportunity for Tech Talk to insert a panel of our choosing to help design this stick and maybe help make a difference. How? By nomination. Not only can you apply for a spot, but you can recommend someone at Razer’s website. This thread is dedicated to nominating modders from TT and helping vote them to the top so they don’t get lost in the flood of applications.

To nominate a TT member just follow the link and recommend them!

And the nominees are: (in no specific order at this time)
**Markman - **
Gummowned aka Matthew Gummo -
jdm714 aka James La -
Toodles aka Marcus Post -
Phreakazoid187 aka Clayton Knight =
networkingyuppy aka Ben Fong -
DaRabidDuckie aka John Wade -
mr.mortified aka Michael Hernandez -
d3v aka Franz Co -
BlindWithOneArm -
**VOLTECH - **
jamesepoop aka James Nguyen -
Darsakul aka Lukas Peruzovic -
RoboKrikit -
rtdzign -
Majinhurricane -
butteroj aka Jonathan Buttero -
purplearms aka Mike -
FreezerB aka John Koh -
RosserRooster aka Dave Rosser -
blklightning21 aka Tim Randolph -
souji5 aka Aaron -
**Nobus3r1 ver.2.0 -_- - **
**TRiXWon - **
Missing Person aka Corey Lanier - refer to image for email
**Nerrage - **
**gahrling - **
Jinxz aka Chris Blok - CBL :360:
godspu -
Project Giantsword (Montoia & Valbjorn)
**gahrling - **
Arxinal - refer to image for email

Trying not to forget anyone, list will be updated. Email and names will be updated shortly so people can help nominate. Please pm me with inquiries, info, or if you would like someone to be added to the nomination list, or if you personally would like to be removed from the list.


Project Giantsword (Montoia & Valbjorn)

What makes this nomination official exactly?

Everyone I would have nominated is on the list, as least everyone I have thought of so far.

Do we have to use their actual names or will their SRK tag suffice?

I don’t know, I haven’t gottent that far, if anyone wants to nominate someone that is not on the list or them self pm me with credentials and we will go from there.

To be honest, I have no idea. If Razer is serious about what they said then I would think tags would suffice. I mean tournament players have tags and they would be silly to turn away them just cause of a tag or only a first name. I might update list with full names later…

We need real names

Mine is Lukas Peruzovic

should probably put actual names too, when referring they ask for actual name/email/your email and why they should be nominated

Clayton Knight

I’d be hella shocked if at least a handful of us didn’t make it in, there’s no way in hell they’d do a community outreach and not hit up tech section on probably the largest FGC website/active forum around.

It only asks for the emails when you use the feature on their site. Just linked this thread to him on twitter **[SIZE=18px]@minliangtan **[/SIZE]he replies often and has said he keeps his eyes on the srk tech talk boards.

That’s the Razer CEO BTW.

Cool. Hopefully he sees we are all excited about this and that we know our stuff.

I know I’m not on Sam or Marcus’s level but i think i know my way around photoshop, a soldering iron, paint, and parts to be useful.

Oh man i want in on this

i really want to know who they mean by “top modders”

edit: i just realized you put my name in already muffman you mindful person you

Michael Hernandez

I’ve put in a recommendation for everyone with email up there

I would like to test this out. I am also a bit disappointed as I sent Razer an application when they announced this project a few months ago and never heard back from them. Even if the response is “Fuck off, we’re not interested” it would have at least been nice to know that the message was received.

I’ll bite!

Thanks d3v. I don’t know how my name got thrown in there, but as always somewhere in SRK, I feel the love!

Name is James Nguyen. E mail is

Hell, Im good at being opinionated.

Marcus Post

Appreciate the nominations. Name is John Wade, and email is

Terms and conditions

well shit…

Well, crap, maybe not.

Looks like I’ll have to decline unless that gets changed.

EDIT: Damn you mr.mortified! :slight_smile: Beat me by 2 minutes.
Still seems weird/sucks that the terms forbid me from doing the EXACT thing I think they and I would both want done asap.