TTT Resurrection Alpha Results

Just want to post quick results for people to see.

1 SpiralGuy
2 Blitzman
3 Shine
4 ItalDaniel
5 Chaos2d
5 Raynex
7 WatchTower
7 Aeriels
9 ShaneWalker
9 TTT NeoRussell
9 Caoster
9 Rekanize
13 KChiin
13 ChaChaMan
13 Psychronic
13 SacoJericho
17 marcopolo
17 RandyX
17 PaulB
17 TTT Azure Fighting
17 johnJohn
17 Dice01
17 AHN
17 BillotLog
25 HSP
25 Traninho
25 LedHendrix
25 AndrewXJ
25 X-Escape
25 AdanIronStein
25 CenLX615
33 KStoute
33 TTT DarkDeath
33 GabeTshirt
33 TTT Gohan
33 MangoSentinel
33 PhilFCD
33 Duelist
33 DarkSpector
33 FrankFL
33 ArchMage

1: white r
2: Quan
3: Selman
4: Blitzman
5: TTT.NeoPedro
5: SugarRay
7: Joker
7: JDK_Mark
9: Chaos2D
9: Tran
9: TTT. Tee-Vo
9: SpiralGuy
13: RIchard
13: Rikir
13: ChaChaMan
13: Razor
17: LMX
17: Christian
17: DarkDragon
17: TTT.Gohan
17: TTT.Azure.Fighting
17: Jing
17: ArchMage
17: RXS Vince
25: shine
25: JohnJohn
25: PsychoChronic
25: DarkSpector
25: TTT.DaFleks
25: TTT.DaRkDeAtH
25: Aerials
25: Gabe T-Shirt

1: TTT.NeoRussell
2: k-frog
3: TTT.Azure.Fighting
4: TTT.DaRkDeAtH
5: hsb
5: Dazed444
7: SportingFanatic
7: TTT.Gohan
9: Fitz
9: TTT.DaFleks

Thanks everyone for participating in Resurrection.
Hope everybody had a good time minus the muggyness.

A few people to thank.

**The TorontoTopTiers Team **
Thanks for bearing with me for the whole day. It was tough but we got through it in great time. Start at 2p and end at 9p. That’s freaking awesome.

A&C World
All I can say is that A&C World was very very accommodating with all of our requests. Thanks to them for lending their space to run the tourny. They did mention that they will get an AC working if players do come there. If you are in the downtown area, make sure you visit their casual gaming. Check their schedule for more info.
Thanks for the VX stick. The raffle is usually hype for players who lose early. Visit their site if you need any equipment.

For people who missed this big news in the tourny. has acquired Vince to be our sole Streamer for future tournaments. He is in great hands and we can only get better recognized around the world through him.

For People Who Brought Equipments
I would like to thank Jing, WatchTower, PsychoChronic, and Gohan for bringing 360’s. Appreciated as always.

For the people I played:

ChaChaMan: Damn you and your raffle hacking schemes. If you win the 3rd one, i’ll just stop letting you purchase them. Damn. Our games were tight. Great games as always.

Joker: I got that Happy Birthday Present from you in Marvel. Thanks. Your good and I seriously just got lucky.

Rae: I’ll get you man, one day. One day i’ll get you. LOL!! So close but SwagetySqueeze gets me all the time.

Shine: Almost had you as well in AE. I just had to pull that trigger which caused my downfall. Damn but it’s good to know I lost through one of the best.

ItalDaniel: I wasn’t expecting much. I got raging twice and I so salty bout those. Good games.

Quan: Fought hard but not enough. It’s cool, i’d rather lose to a good player than an unknown. I’m copying some of those Dormammu carpet setups.

MK Players: I own you all. LOL!!!

Thanks for everyone who participated. Our next tourny will be on July 16th for EVO Preparation. The next venue is GODLIKE!

Pictures will be up in our Facebook Page soon. Please click "like us". It’s only one click for you but helps us out so much.


How did Guile King aka Rebelo place?


Unfortunately Rebelo (The Guile King) had POF obligations and he was unabled to make it for this tournament. However, he did mention this…“YOU’RE ALL FRAY!”

Shout outs to jdk mark. I just didnt kno u were so gawdlyke! Lol

great event

PS. no nightmare? what a dodger

Shoutouts to nightmare once again for dodging me and nickcam. Stay free! Go home and be a family man.

ggs to everyone and thanks for everyone for giving me a happy birthday

and good shit to jack and quan even tho i wanted 3rd place like usual (Phoenix what a stupid game)

And finally Congratz to the Spiralguy and another team gety winners and grand finals

ggs to raynex and watch tower for making me work even tho i didnt want to lol

nice seeing gohan and my #1 student neo russell

Sick tournament still I had alot of fun and too many jokes. GGs everyone i played, I wana step up a bit for the next one and the raffle… just lol.

Tournament Videos are here. Enjoy peeps.


9 ShaneWalker
25 Traninho
25 LedHendrix

Looks like we know who the best in vaughan is

We might need to ban you from raffles going forward , lol. Congrats (again!) on winning that stick! Good shit.

Congrats to all the winners.