TTT Smash Up 2 Results

Hey Peeps,

1st A&C RDK
2nd GDLK Rebelo
3rd Jing

1st Spiral Guy
2nd YRSF_Blitzman
3rd GDLK Rebelo

Full results when I get them.

Thanks to everyone who showed to Smash Up II.
I do hope everyone had a great time.

The tournament started out rocky but it picked up after an hour or 2.

I would like to thank the following people for making this event possible:

To GDLK, A&C Games and OmegaCollectables, thanks for helping out with the prizes and the event.

A&C Games: Thank you for helping with 60% of the equipment in the event. You guys are awesome.

Hidey: Thank you for lending me a few equipment that I was shy of. Sucks that you couldn’t be there. Hope you can come on the next one.

GDLK: Thanks for helping out with the secret. Hope to do more future business with you.

AzureFighting: For lending me 2 more monitor I was shy of.

Bracket Organizers:

Raymond, Emily, DjKun for running Marvel bracket, among other ones.

Watchtower: Thank you for running AE bracket. I’ll talk to you some more later.

Thanks to the TTT Team for helping me run the event.

Vince for his godly stream that reached 600+ viewers from what I heard.
Mike for other things i couldn’t be around for.
Moon for his awesome equipment.
Alex for helping out.
George for helping out on Friday and Saturday to set up.

Thanks to everyone who came. Tell your friends about TTT Events.
We make sure every game is featured even if it’s just a little to garner some players.

I can safely say that after watching KOF on the big screen, we got players who will pick it up.

Pictures are here.
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Next tournament will be early April and then we head to our Major on Mid-May.


Big thanks to TTT for organizing/hosting this event.

Thanks to Vince for running another great stream.

Sorry to the marvel heads who had to listen to my uninformed colour commentary. Thank God for MKP.

It was good to play some of the new kids and see how their game is coming along.

GG’s with Jimmy, Ryan, Andrew, Raid, Greek and anyone else I played casuals with.

Anyone know if Scott’s blood temperature returned to normal by the end of the night?

Stephen; I’d have come 9th

Russel you should post the number of entrants. AE had just over 40? UMvC had about 35?

Soul Cal had about 32

1st Stryder (Patroclos)
2nd Vints (Pyhra)
3rd Chaos (Algol)

shout outs to people thinking i’m really good and then playing me to find out i’m not

good games to everybody in casuals and in tournament

and shout outs to hot lesbians making out in the seat next to me on the bus ride home

great tournament great experience

  • [S]Joe [/S]
  • Peter Parker

shit we got a parker and a chris redfield now godlike

Shoutouts to everyone! And GGs to everyone who bodied me in AE casuals. Yaaaaah!

great tournament and didnt feel like the bracket went really slow with the the delay :smiley: GG’s to everyone i played in tournament, especially Joe Pe-, err, Peter Parker for knocking me into losers and Davero for knocking me out :stuck_out_tongue: GG’s to everyone i played in casuals and hopefully i can come back sometime soon :smiley: and shoutouts to Joker and Quan for exposing my magneto play :stuck_out_tongue: and RDK with the slimy Doom mixups