TTT Toronto School Rumble Results

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for participating in School Rumble. Hope you enjoyed the tournament and the stream.


Street Fighter IV
1: Spiral Guy
2: YRSF Blitzman
3: Jug
4: TTT Davero
5: BuddahForce
5: ItalDan
7: WatchTower
7: BillotLog
9: Kyo45
9: Kross
9: TTT NeoRussell
9: PotatoBrain
13: JohnWayne
13: Spriink
13: FL
13: TTT Gohan
17: Theli
17: Contra
17: Backofthebus
17: TShirts
17: DarkSideMike
17: WizardlyRyanT
17: Robin
17: C-Royd
25: TK
25: NiceBento
25: Torke
25: Ryanz
25: Kid Flow 07
25: Kstout
25: ArchMage
33: KingR
33: ChrisJ
33: {FAH}Mint
33: MattR
33: Cab
33: Tetris101
33: Monk
49: Zerogue
49: Adian

MvC3 Results

1: Quandizzle
2: Salman
3: Geneijin87
4: Contra
5: white-r
5: Gohan
7: rikir
7: BuddhaForce
9: SpiralGuy
9: DioBrando
9: Joker
9: chachaman
13: YRSF.Blitzman
13: Tee-Vo
13: CoolBoyCorporate
13: VargasTheSick
17: jing
17: Archmage
17: Leo7
17: BackOfTheBus
17: TTT.DaFleks
17: TTT.NeoRussell
17: Eugene
17: TTT.DarkDeath
25: Linear04
25: TTT-T-Shirt
25: TofuWarrior
25: DarksideMike
25: LMX
25: Anderson
25: Spencer

Blaz Blue:
1: Kousaka
2: Brice
3: Rosie Huntington whitely
4: k2
5: Harold
5: asdferty
7: Kylkrie
7: linear04
9: Dawnbringer
9: Zeero
9: Leo7
9: TTTTim
13: Posh
13: DioBrando
13: Kumori
13: Anderson
17: Calm101
17: Kellfire

Mortal Kombat
1: TTT NeoRussell - Oh shit i’m Gawdlike
2: TTT KFrog
3: Danx4
4: TTT Gohan
5: Amedeo
5: Page
7: TTT Azure Fighting
7: Cha Cha

1: TTT NeoRussell - oh shit i’m so gawdlike again
2: TTT.DarkDeath ($26.00)
3: ThePotatoBrain ($13.00)
4: VargasTheSick
5: jin11
5: Tee-Vo
7: Dan
7: TTTT.Azure.Fighting
9: Chris
9: chacha
9: Big Daddy Dick
9: TTT.DaFleks
13: Kellfire

1: Eli Sunny
2: SilentWall
3: TTT NeoRussell - insert shameless plug
4: moneymuffins
5: Emlarr
5: Partisan
7: Mattimus64s
7: PHatBoy27
9: Ragnar
9: GentlistHulk_2
9: Mattimus
13: Kash
13: Page

I will have Marvel results later in the day. It was not in my laptop.

A few people to thank:

Hidey: I have your games for 360. Thank you for helping us with the monitor and the system. More formal thanks on the bottom.

Joker: Thanks for helping us out with that godlike projector. Too bad we didn’t play each other in the tournament. Show me those IronMan combos next time and come to the danger room on Tuesday.

Bento: Thanks for providing me the 2 360’s. You were really great in letting us use it. Thanks to your girlfriends 360 as well.

Jing: Thanks for the 360 and game. Always appreciate it. Good work on winning the stick.

Coolboycorporate: Big thanks to you. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have a stream going. Thanks for the direction video as well.

My Thoughts about the tournament

-The venue was real nice and people were complimenting how close everything is. People did realize that they had to sit on the table instead of the chairs to play better. Sorry about that. It’s another thing I added in my list of Venue hunting requirements.

-I do apologize about the raffle running at 8p. We usually do it between 6-7 but we got caught up with a few things. Congrats to Jing for winning the stick. Sauga players dominating in raffles that’s for sure.

-I do understand that people were tired in the end and we will certainly address this in future tournaments. I just want to say that we did put up a Stream Schedule for everyone to be aware. The Stream Monsters were happy that we followed our schedule. We will fortify our stream schedule for next time so that we don’t tire out the players early. TTT can learn from this and your comments are certainly valued so please don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts.

-I do hope everyone enjoyed themselves. TTT does treat every player as a guest. As our guest in our venue, you have the power to pull me aside and talk to me. Don’t be shy about it. If you need anything or have concerns, i’m always available for you. If you have positive criticism, please feel free to comment here or email me at

Thanks everyone for being a great guest in TTT School Rumble.

Special Shoutouts

DarkDeath and Dafleks: We’ll just talk in person and i’ll tell you guys how I really feel. Inside Joke so angry LOL.

OmegaCollectables: It is always the pleasure to have you guys in our event. Your prizes are what gives everyone a chance at winning something in the tournament. I hope that every player realizes that your company is an integral part of what makes tournaments extra special in the Ontario Region in the last few months. You guys have sponsored almost all of them (2months in a row) and I thank you for your great contributions. Hope to have you guys sponsor us in future TTT Tournaments. More fighting games coming out next year.

Rosa: I’m sorry for pushing you (play push), good thing it wasn’t shown on the stream. That’s what happens when you try to give me money for buying you fries last week in Sauga.

TTT RXS Vince: Thanks for the great quality stream as always. I read the comments right now in our JTV account and everybody enjoyed it. Great Stream as always. We thank you for accepting our offer to be part of TTT. We got up to 300 views. That number competes with T11 that’s for sure. LOL.

Raymund and Sunny: Thanks for running Tekken and SCIV respectively. It was not a big number but it was still a greatly run tournament. Thank you and hope to have you provide your awesome assistance in the future.

AzureFightingJon: Thank you for running Mortal Kombat. Not many people know this so i’m gonna put you on Good Blast. Jon has been an intergral part of what makes TTT a success as well. For being an investor and helping me purchase the equipments you guys saw yesterday (90% of those equipment were ours). For helping me create the “Danger Room” and bring players together. And for just being dedicated to the community that you didn’t know about 2 years ago. Thank you for everything. P.S. Your a troll in Facebook and SRK but great guy in person.

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Wow Russell, that’s enough plug already LOL

We do hope everyone enjoyed TTT School Rumble and hope to see you guys in our next event.


Good shit on holding it down against America!

Six new players for Soul Calibur?!?!? Holy Shit Thas HAWT!!!

Great tourney!!! Gotta love that ac!! Props to Ottawa (contra and kevin) always fun to play and chill with contra!
I also left a xbox VGA cable there of anyone has it please let me know!! I kinda need that :s

Neooooo… shut up already… haha.

Good games Canada. Was great to meet you all and had a great tournament!

See those of you in a few weeks who are going to EVO.

Great event TTT, thanks (again) for having us out. It’s always our pleasure to support the Fighting Game Community.

Congrats to all the winners and shout outs to Jing for taking home that shiny new VX SA!

Just uploaded some pics to the Omega Collectables Facebook page:

We hope everyone can take some time to check them out and also “like” us on Facebook. :slight_smile:

did tekken really only have 3 mans

Had 12-13 people from what I remember.

Shout outs to helping Russell run SF brackets and not getting any shoutouts… Fuck TTT, I’mma join YRSF.

Awesome venue, tournament scheduling can use a little tweaking. Azure mentioned maybe starting later, so players aren’t there from 12PM-12AM potentially.

Huge shoutouts to Buffalo, sorry about the miscommunication guys, hopefully Dan, Jug, Theli didn’t get it too bad from Kyo and Chacha… I take 33% responsibility for the record!

Huge shoutouts to RXS, the stream ran great and the viewership was pretty good. Also for helping me troll Ottawa.

Shoutouts to TTT, y’all know who you are!

its alright dave, it pretty much blow over on the way home. thanks for keeping us from facing each other in the brckets as best you could

Thank you everyone who came and made a tournament a great one! For those for are going to EVO, I hope this helped prepare you for it.

We learned alot of things from this and we will take them all into account next time so thanks to everyone for the feedback!

shoutouts to:
TTT RXS for holding that stream count, good shit we are only getting more views as every event passes!
Davero for keeping that SSFIVAE Bracket in check!
Moon for bringing the equipment for BB and handling BB, thanks again!
Talking to CoolBoyCorp and Tin, was great talking to you guys we’ll chat again!
Always gotta thank Omega for coming out and supporting the scene, always a great pleasure!
Also shout outs to A&C for the continued support!
shout outs to anyone I missed though, also again thanks for everyone for coming!

The pictures for School Rumble are now in our Facebook page so check them out!


come back to toronto jug =D

i mean jugs LOLOLOLOL (please dont kill me)

shoutouts to buffalo or b.lo whichever

thanks to TTT for hosting a tournament with aircon although timing was a factor…

Thanks again to my sponsors OmegaCollectibles and the rest of the YRSF crew that came out

Congratz to Spiralguy cause hes the best… after me LOL

ggs everyone great seeing sauga, dt and everyone else who came…

PS. Neorussell let you guys win… i commanded him to do so

Quick shout outs

Russell. thanks for another great tourney and new venue.

Alex thanks for the help with running marvel, and tekken

congrats to all the winners. I had fun with the matches i played. joker and contra nice games man. I think our matches should have been streamed. EPIC!

it was a long day and many of us were running on very little sleep. myself only 2hours. but we got threw it. The next tourney’s will only get better.


Shout out to Pizza Pizza 5 dollar walk in special

thanks everyone in TTT, this was a very well run tournament and we had a lot of fun! Sorry for not being talkative, I was heavily medicated and miserable.

Great job Russel, Dave, RXS and Azure +everyone else helping you. I had a good time and would gladly come to another.

Great venue and stream. Thanks for having me but this could be shorter. I was burnt out after 8.

did anyone find an extra copy of MVC3 cuz mine seems to be missing =/

Great tournament…had a blast…where r the mvc3 results btw?

Jing: I may have it. I have a case of AE and MvC3.

MvC3 Results

1: Quandizzle
2: Salman
3: Geneijin87
4: Contra
5: white-r
5: Gohan
7: rikir
7: BuddhaForce
9: SpiralGuy
9: DioBrando
9: Joker
9: chachaman
13: YRSF.Blitzman
13: Tee-Vo
13: CoolBoyCorporate
13: VargasTheSick
17: jing
17: Archmage
17: Leo7
17: BackOfTheBus
17: TTT.DaFleks
17: TTT.NeoRussell
17: Eugene
17: TTT.DarkDeath
25: Linear04
25: TTT-T-Shirt
25: TofuWarrior
25: DarksideMike
25: LMX
25: Anderson
25: Spencer


Thanks NeoRussel for the results