TTT2 Beginners' Guide on NeoGAF


I made a thread on NeoGAF explaining as much as I could about Tekken and its mechanics. If anyone is interested, please check it out and learn from it :slight_smile:


Gave it a quick browse. Nice one man. Can’t wait til TTT2 drops and breathes some life back into the scene!


great thread.


I updated the thread in anticipation of Prologue, feel free to check it out, added A LOT of new material


Nice Job man, good resource.


Great job! :tup:


Thanks for the compliments people :slight_smile: <3 Tekken

Also, if anyone is out there discrediting Tekken, you can just link them this and they’ll have no comeback possible in debating the depth and versatility of Tekken.


I just give a click with the site and such a great resources. It can really help for beginners , Great Post.


Dang thats the best tekken guide I’ve seen. Are you planning to do character specific guides?