TTT2 Character Rumor Confirmed (SCREENS)


Here you have it folks:



Who is the guy in the red hoody? Slim Bob?


Yep…that’s Slim Bob.


Xiaoyu’s friend is actually on page 62 of the Strategy guide… so she’s just re-skin or something?



Dr. Boskonovich
Slim Bob

Who are the last two? One looks like Asuka. Do we really need two Asukas and Jun?


Sebastian and Miharu.

Miharu was an alternate costume for Xiaoyu in one of the previous games, and Sebastian is Lili’s butler. It’s safe to assume they are both clones with a few changes, like Tiger Jackson, P-Jack, Alex and Michelle.


Oh ok, now that makes a little more sense to me.


I wonder if Namco made a special transition between Bob and Slim Bob like they did with Jin and Devil Jin? Maybe Bob’s stomach grows and shrinks mid match to change characters or something.


Oh gosh Sebastian -_-

I’m not sure I can deal with two Lili movesets in one match. Andantes for days.


so how do you unlock the extra skins? anyone know? or are they DLC?




Dr. B just looks like…wtf.


I’m excited to see Unknown in the game. Brings me back to when I played Tekken Tag on my PS2.

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Is “Unknown” the girl covered in the purple goop?




Is she a clone? And if so, of whom?


If I remember correctly, she goes between everyone’s style in the game. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
Edit: Here is some info about Unknown.


Ever seen Dr.B in Tekken 3? he was ridiculously stupid.


DLC Stages