TTT2 Character Rumor Confirmed (SCREENS)


now as for the new characters are they straight up clones(seb/lili - bob/slimb) or is there some movelist variance

OG troll tier lol


just got them and i have no idea how to play tekken :smiley:


How were you able to unlock them?


you can find it with a few google searches :stuck_out_tongue: of course im playing it offline too (non modded console)


But really, how did you unlock them? :smiley:


I’m gonna be totally honest, to save him the trouble:

You can’t do it on PS3, we don’t have that superior tech.


I’m heartbroken, I called slim bob ever since Tekken 6 :’(

see that? Two sad faces, and I’m still not any better than yesterday


What characters are you playing?


I’m trying to pick up Jaycee and Nina. I used to play Julia back when t6 first came out but I wasn’t exactly great or anything


as thirteenthorder mentioned, you cannot get them on ps3 (unless of your course your console is jailbroken but i am still unsure on that)


no it’s all as it was when I bought it, absolutely old as hell now though.


Update 1.02 just gave us Slim Bob, Sebastian and Miharu along with some new stages.