TTT2 Costume Customization


Quick question, how will the TTT2 customization work? I know you get like 10 slots per character but will the items cost in game currency as in T6? I hope not…


You will have to purchase them with G’s (in game currency, just like in T6) Since T6 had scenario mode we cant tell how hard or easy is it to get like 300k G. (most items costs atleast 300k, some are cheaper) You havent seen this video yet?



I saw the video but just didnt want to believe it lol. I think the money earned will be linked to Fighrt Lab.


I’d imagine you come out of fightlab with a cool few million for those first customization’s. Maybe a bonus for beating arcade mode difficulties, and w/e the base amount (+bonus) for each match win or lose like in T5.


In T6 you also earned money from online ranked matches and offline ghost battles. I imagine the same will also apply to TTT2.


I’m gonna give Alex blue wings and paint him red.


I can’t wait to customize Kunimistu. Hopefully I can change her Kunai. Oh and Dat Anime Panel.


I want to make a Beauty and the Beast theme for Zafina/Ogre and I don’t play either of them.


Unless I’m crazy, me and a buddy of mine were earning money in our player lobby playing against each other. :eek: Even got a few “Lucky Box” items with a grip of money in em’ (I recall getting 300,000G in one).

When I beat arcade mode the one time I did before I finally made my dumb ass go to bed since I had to work this morning, I believe I got about 2 mil? Maybe 1.5, can’t recall how much I had before I started arcade mode.

At least so far, money doesn’t seem to be as big an issue. :slight_smile:


Power Ranger suits ftw


I’ve been rocking every traditional kung-fu suit I can afford. Which… is… a grand total of two right now, lol (Leo, Feng of course!).


Does anyone else feel like the customization items are way more on the goofy side this time around? Not only that but It seems like just about every item i used for my guys in T6 (especially feng wei’s monk head) is now missing! They’ll probably sucker me into buying some silly DLC or something. Love the game though!


I agree actually, I can’t remake my Lili costume from T6. :frowning:

We’ll see though, that’s pretty much my only complaint with customization right now.


Can you make Kazuya’s T6 outfit? I guess not, the purple-black soldier one.


yes, he has the armored purple pants and army jacket with bulletproof vest.


Where the hell is the badass Devil and Devil Jin Costumes from Prologue?