TTT2 Customization Discussion Thread

I’m actually surprised no one has made a thread based on the customizations for TTT2 yet, so I’ve decided to.

So, I’ve been trying to figure out how the unlocks work, and ive found that in order to unlock the extra costume parts for any character… You have to defeat that certain character in Ghost Battle when they have a gold box around them. If you win, you’ll get a piece or pieces specific to them (Character Panels too).

Personally, I don’t care too much for the customization. Although, I am working on a super-hero theme for my mains, I do think it’s great that a game will allow people to customize their characters however they want.

I am digging on the character panels though and I’m glad I now know how to get them.

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Finally a thread on this. Post them pics up…I need some ideas!

there’s a wierd color glitch with Miniskirts. If you set a color for the stockings, and then back out of the color selection, and then re-enter and put a different color for the stockings, you get a Crazy Blend of the two colors.

When your character refreshes, itll fix itself, but u can save it b4 it refreshes. So, I tried this, and went into training to see if it the mixed color actually saved like it looks in the thumbmail… but it doesnt.
My thumbmail for my character shows it as the weird funky mixed color stocking, but It doesn’t show like that on my character :frowning:
Woulda been really cool if it did though.

:eek: For customizations, Business King and Leisure Executive Armor King are great standbys.

I am partial to Kazama-Style Traditional Office Arts (Jun x Asuka with formal shirts, skirts and pumps all black and white) and Left4Kazama (Jun x Asuka with jackets, jeans/cargo pants and armaments ready for all types of Mishim–er, zombie hunting).

Leo has some sick stuff you can do with her dragon armor and hair. I’ve got her set up with some slick black threads with white and gold armor with a thick braided hairstyle and it is pretty ridiculous.

Shoutouts to Ogre and his pelican head.

P.S. - I don’t know why, but I really want that giant ass mallet that gold Asuka has. Can’t seem to snag it yet, though. D:<

play ghost battle a lot. when the gold background appears behind a team/char, beat them for an item. the more you do it the more you get. once you unlock all of one chars items you will automatically start unlocking others.

I’ve got my KOF on with my customisations.
K’ Lars, Shen Woo Miguel and I’m currently working on Rugal Bernstein Bryan.
Also, does anyone else think that Ancient Ogre without the Aztec headgear looks kinda like Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Is the customization similar to T6? I liked the customization on that.

its basically the exact same, but Ive heard that there is less options on TTT2 customizations then what was on T6.
But there’ll be the Free DLC, which will hopefully add a lot more stuff

:eek: So I think the lil dude on fire that you occasionally get from Lucky Boxes is an SP Rage customization item.

Also managed to get eight Lucky Boxes at once with my buddy when we were doing pair play over the weekend. Made like 3.5mill with bonuses just for one match, LOL. Pair play may have higher bonuses for Lucky Boxes…or just more Lucky Boxes.

Yea, i was doing friendlies once in unranked and i randomly got 8 Boxes… i wasnt doing Pair Play though. Its probably random.

Any1 got any idea what Bonus Stars do? I’m thinking they just multiply the money you get, but I’m not sure. One time i got a bonus star all by itself doing ghost battles, and I got nothing.

The star indicates a **Lucky Box Streak **has begun. It increases the chance of you getting more Lucky Boxes in subsequent fights.

OH… wow, yea thatd make a lotta sense. I was getting Lucky Boxes like crazy that day.

My main team.

Dock thugs Dragun-Feng


Feng looks so out of proportion in that last picture, lol.

I saw that too.
Torso of man, legs of child.

Lol last picture looked like a Jack.

Btw customized both Jack-6 and P. Jack to look like gangsters (fine suit, fedora, fine slacks, assault rifle). Jack-6 with the all white (and shades) and P. Jack with all black (default shades cause nothing else fits).

Tried making Dragunov look like Garcia Hotspur from Shadows of The Damned, but I couldn’t find a fitting hairstyle. Maybe I’ll try checking out Miguel.

By the way, I’m really upset that Feng’s snazzy red suit from T5 and T6 wasn’t a default costume. It’s a good thing it’s still there, but I had to buy it separately (THANK GOD it wasn’t paid DLC).

+1 to that.

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It isn’t as good as it was in T6.