TTT2 Customization Discussion Thread


You were off-topic, mate. This isn’t the dlc thread.


Any recommendations for lili? I want to make her slutty as possible but I got her in bikini at the moment. Lol


:eek: Awww, no frilly dress? D:


Working on some sick customs now…gotta unlock Michelle’s Luchador costume and A.King’s Title belt(ghost battle being really stingy)


wait, can someone clearify this, so I need to play ghost battle to unlock more items to purchase? what!!??


:eek: Yes.

I would presume it’s set up this way so you can unlock things for characters you don’t play.


You don’t unlock items to purchase, you unlock character specific items and clothing.


Got 8 sets for my team. Some better than others.



Chinese Miku


Wild West


Street Fighter



El Fuerte

Swimsuit Season



[details=Spoiler]Vanellope Von Schweetz


Ace Attorney


Tres Bien Maya Fey

Phoenix Wright




Starfox “OC”



Sorry for the lack of quality, put it’s eight bit versions of both with a tanuki underneath.


:eek: Sweet mercy! Haven’t looked through all of them yet, but…DAMN!


More crap…


Anna as Marilyn from Akatsuki Blitzkampf and Asuka as Chie from Persona 4.

Sorry for the low quality.


:eek: That Chie~


:eek: 'Tis the season, ladies~

Apologizing ahead of time for the quality of play in these; hadn’t touched either of these two characters in weeks. I had to spread the Christmas spirit a little early this year. :smiley:












I feel so slow for just now realizing how to purchase the hair accessories. In my defense, buying the hair piece from the head sets, equipping it, then going back to the buy part in order to scroll over to the different hair things like bangs and such doesn’t seem all that straight forward and intuitive.


:eek: It’s not.


Is there a list out there for the costume parts you get through Ghost Mode? I’ve only noticed a handful of them that are only available as such like Ling’s School Uniform parts, Jaycee’s (sexy) Cow Girl parts, King’s Belt, and Lili’s superbly animated summer dress.


:eek: I think every character has one custom piece for each body region, but as for an overall list, I don’t know if anyone has one.


:eek: Oh hey, just happened across this a few minutes ago. o_0


Sorry but I am probably one of the very few people who hate customizing my character. It takes forever to load the game too (need to get a SSD to get rid of it).


sorry about these bad quality pics, i just tried to get drag doing iori like things and i guess it didnt work out to well



Whoa, that is pretty sick!