TTT2 Jin/Hwo tag combo help

Greetings all, the last time I dipped my toe into competitive gaming was Evo 07, and I decided to try to get back into it since I graduated college. So, I got into the ground floor of TTT2, but I barely touched the first TTT2 and didn’t get T6, so forgive me if I made a bad team choice.

Anyway, I messed around a bit and found a few tag combos: for Jin rising RP->dwnfwd RK -> Tag SRK RK RK-> LP RP LK, trading out rising RP for back LP-> LP+RP for mind games.

For Hwo back LK-> RK RK LK-> Tag hold (for now) -> upfwd LK RK LK

I tried to make the launchers as quick and easy as possible, which is easier for Hwo IMO. Any suggestions for combos or just general tips are welcome.

You’re probably better off looking around in the TT2 section or checking Tekken Zaibatsu.

Just some general info.
Hwo is a fun character who is very mix-up heavy. He can be played conservatively or for a high-risk / high reward style.
His B+3 launcher (back + LK ) is a great whiff and block punisher, coming out in 16 frames. It is -15 frames when blocked, so you can be launched if your opponent sees it coming.

Speedkicks is a great american hwo/jin player who has lots of online matches under his belt, so if you have tag2 for the ps3, search for his replays. Alternatively, you can look for his matches on youtube as he has been to a few major tournaments and gotten onto stream/recorded playing.

And just so you know, most people on zaibatsu and in the tag forums here use the 1,2,3,4,5 notation which stands for LP, RP, LK, RK, and tag respectively. Good luck learning your new team!

Thanks people, moving to the proper forums