TTT2 Netsu/Rage Relationship Chart


The Netsu/Rage system seen in previous games of the series returns in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Netsu or Rage is a temporary state in which the attack power of a character is increased, indicated by their lifebar flashing in red color. The system activates for the off-screen tag partner when the on-screen character receives enough damage.
Characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 know each other, so their relationship (positive, neutral or negative) has an impact on when a character will get enraged from seeing their partner getting hurt in battle.
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Nice! Got to look at this.
(Edit): They need to add the DLC characters such as Kunimitsu.


they will in due time… i still have to do some thinking of team comp ha


I have a feeling Angel will probably only like the Kazamas :U


Ogre is such a friendly fellow haha


Ogre… forever alone


Lili hates Alisa? Why? I love the chart just realizing with this many characters hard to remember all of the relationships. The work that must have gone into it.


I wish Jun was green with Leo.


Sadly the list states ‘confirmed Neutral’… but I would not have minded an Asuka + Angel team. I will probably still go with it. Also, can someone a bit more up to date on Tekken lore explain to me why Asuka doesn’t like Alisa?


meh it not a huge deal the difference is only 28 health between like and hate.


The relationship mechanic poses some questions for me…
I feel it would limit the teams played (at higher levels), as players would want to only pick teams that like or are neutral with each other in order to Rage faster & thus deal more damage sooner.
While I am by far NO Tekken expert (I spent a great deal of time with T5 & loved it), I’m thinking that Rage has to play some significant factor in this game.
What are the merits of choosing a team where the characters dislike or hate one another when their opponent’s team is composed of characters who “mesh” well?
Is this relationship mechanic one of the base factors involved in picking a team?


Most people don’t seem to care. It seems like most people just choose their T6 main and their T6 secondary. I think Mishimas generally hate each other and I still see plenty of Mishima specialists playing Kazuya/Devil Jin.