TTT2 PS3 or 360?


Any idea which version is better/has better online?

I kinda wanna get it for PS3 to play on the PS3 pad but if the 360 online is better I have no issues playing on a fightstick since I’m a complete Tekken nab and I’m really not used to any Tekken controls.


I’ve heard that the game runs smoother on PS3, but I can’t confirm. I own the PS3 version only.


:eek: Tekken typically (for the few iterations that this applies to) plays smoother on the PS3.

360 probably has better online, as usual, but since this is a Namco title with solid netplay, the difference is more than likely negligible. PS3 netplay is good.


A friend of mine has it on both 360 and PS3 he says. The loading times on 360 is better but the game looks better on PS3. The netcode is nice and I play on PS3 without any problems so I assume that the online on 360 is fine as welll


Not trying to flame here. Fact of the matter is tekken for years has been a console exclusive to playstation(until T6), you will find a larger veteran base there… esp. cause we all bought the ps3 to keep playing this amazing franchise lol.


Don’t let your choices be controlled by the Illuminati :open_mouth:


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So the PS3 is the better choice then? I bought T6 (like 2 months ago), on 360 just so I don’t go into this game rusty. I bought all my fighters on 360 (some I have on both because I had PS3 first and I’m not selling them). My stick is dual modded anyway, I just can’t turbo (not that I use it) on PS3. Most of my FG ‘friends’ are on 360 though. Also dunno if I want the “We Are Tekken” Edition.


The arcade board is basically an upgraded PS3 (System 357), so the game performing better on the PS3 is a no brainer.


Even if the online game was garbage on PS3, all the die-hard Tekken-heads love their Sony architecture, so ya, that’s where the playerbase will be, for realz. See all the Namco conversions to PS1 in the early days, plus the hot stick they did back then. They were juiced in tight, that’s for sure.


No lag or slowdowns I’ve noticed on psn.


do what you will enjoy the most… and if its playing with your friends then that would be the route. just long as you play it is all that matters ha!


I got 360…I hear the PS3 is solid as well.


WiiU version is the only answer… ;D

Serious answer, I got it for the PS3 because I’m familiar with the pad, and I hear it’s good on either console.



Yeah. It might have to be 360 lol. I did that with some of my fighters, even “that game”… SFXT. I still haven’t got it though. :frowning: Kinda busy lately so I haven’t rushed to buy it so it sits on my shelf.

I’m getting sad for my PS3, it’s been reduced to only watching videos and streams.


I bought a PS3 for Tekken Tag 2 because I decided to use my Xbox as the main system behind an arcade cabinet. That and I don’t have to pay to play on the PS3.


Hah, true. :stuck_out_tongue: My Xbox becomes more preferred with SF, most of my friends refuse to play without talk lol. I bougth a 2nd 320GB PS3 in September last year because of the YLOD, and then ended up buying a 250GB Xbox and Kinect in November lol so the PS3 hasn’t seen much use. A store was closing down, and I bought like 20 games at around 50% reduction. “It’s Christmas soon” was my excuse.


Is it true matches take 15 seconds longer to load on PS3?


No, because I wouldn’t be playing otherwise.


I initially got it for PS3 and was really impressed with the online play. I couldn’t really see any info on the web about version differences, so I decided to pick up a used xbox copy to at least see what the difference in load times were (I know I needed a code to get online) To my surprise, my local GameStop had a used copy AND the person who traded it in didn’t redeem the online code.

So I can verify a few things:

-The game menus, character customization, and all general loading are much faster on Xbox

  • Finding an opponent is much faster on Xbox as well, however I did notice several times, that when Tag juggling in an XBL match, there was some noticeable slowdown. I played a few matches with different people and I can confirm some intermittant slowdown. Haven’t gotten a chance to play offline on Xbox yet so I can’t say for sure
  • After several more battles on PSN, even though it takes a bit longer to load things up and get a match, the gameplay was VERY smooth. I played lots of offline and online matches and never once saw slowdown

Hope that helped anyone interested. Also just want to say that both of my consoles are NOT using wifi but are ethernet connected to my router.